BLOG is about to take off!

Well, I am quite excited. Months of hard work will come to fruition soon.
UPDATE: 8 March, 2010. The site has been launched.

It's been quite a ride. My first guide to motoring museums was put on-line in 1996. Can you believe 14 years has passed? Well, it was certainly time for a complete overhaul.

One day, we were sitting at the table with my brother, ChX, who's a respected Drupal-guru and NowPublic ace and he said he'd be happy to do the background programming of a new museums' guide. And, boy, was he serious! It's been fun to work together and I believe the end result will be a hit among classic car and motorcycle enthusiasts.

I am also highly grateful for the encouraging support from the AutoPuzzles community

Please let us know, how do you like our new Motoring Museums' Lighthouse!

Pal Negyesi
Balatonalmadi, Hungary
March, 2010