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Museums in Austria

Historama Technology Museum, Ferlach

"Immerse yourself in the world of traffic from yesteryear! Pictures from old films come back to life: dream of a romantic excursion for two in the Isetta ("Knutschkugel"), of the first bus excursion in a VW "Sambabus", rediscover Grandpa's first car. Find out which simple devices the fire brigade deployed decades ago, set a railway signal yourself - and play to your heart's content with our model railroad layout! Marvel at Fürst Khevenhüller's flying machine from 1913, which is powered solely by muscle power - an absolutely unique piece of aviation history - and dream of the good old tram.


Historical Fire Brigade House St. Florian

The Museum is located in the former Meierhof Farm of the Monastery and showcases the rich history and tradition of the fire department. The place houses historic apparatus, equipment, and artifacts. Museum attractions include horse-drawn vehicles, some 1920´s fire engines, and other equipment from days gone by. It is a Museum that shows the past, present and future of firefighting, rescue and emergency medical service, combined with an interactive educational experience. What´s more, the Museum is dedicated to preserving Fire Department uniforms and personal memorabilia.

Historische Feuerwehrzeughaus St. Florian

Johann Puch Museum Graz

Johann Puch’s attempt to create his own automobile engineering business met with great success. Today, nearly everybody recognises the Puch brand and logo. At the Johann Puch Museum visitors can appreciate everything bearing the Puch name, from vintage cars through to the new sport utility vehicle. Cars, motorbikes, mopeds and bicycles, but also original wooden models, cutaway models from past and present, together with a wealth of images combine to tell the “moving” story of the Puch brand.


Koller Classic Car Museum

Koller’s vintage cars exhibition presents the entire history of the car in a highly interesting way. 125 years of motoring are brought back to life thanks to exquisite modern classic and vintage cars. Here you can follow the development of the car from the carriage to the modern sports car. As well as cars, there are historic bicycles, motorbikes and tractors on display. There are over 100 exquisite cars from 70 manufacturers on display. The models on show date from the beginning of car manufacture in 1886.


Military Museum Sonntagberg

This collection offers an overview of the 1st World War, the period between the two wars, a look at the invasion of Austria, the 2nd World War and the post-war period on a space of approximately 1500 sqm. There are 150 uniforms, 600 weapons, 25 trucks and off-road vehicles, a bicycle and motorcycle collection, ship and aircraft models displayed.

Militärmuseum Sonntagberg