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Formerly housing the Rrrollipop collection of microcars, Nostalgiewelt offers a new exhibition, an "indoor drive-in cinema": classic cars to touch, some to sit in. Also there is a screening of film scenes in which precisely these classic cars played a major role. The sound comes partly from the radios in the cars as before! Great fun for the whole family and equally interesting for classic car and film freaks! There is also a small special exhibition about the brilliant Austrian automotive designers Hans and Erich Ledwinka with beautiful Tatra and Puch vehicles!

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Mosfilm Museum

Original name: 
Музей Киноконцерна

Mosfilm is the oldest Russian film studio. In this museum there are costumes, movie-related memoribilia and some old cars and bikes.

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Mostranavto Museum

Original name: 
Музей «Мострансавто: история и современность

Mostransavto, Museum of the History of Road Transport was opened in February 2019. It features over 700 exhibits, including buses, trucks and cars of domestic production. All equipment is restored and restored. The pride of the museum are various modifications of the Moskvich car.

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Lomakov Museum of antique cars and motorcycles

Original name: 
Ломаковский музей старинных автомобилей и мотоциклов

One of the best known private automobile museums in Russia

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Park Complex of Equipment History Named After K.G. Sakharov

Original name: 
Парковый комплекс истории техники – им. К. Г. Сахарова

This museum, which until 2014 was called the Technical Museum AvtoVAZ features Soviet military products, including tanks, helicopters, submarines etc.

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ZIL Factory Museum

Original name: 
Музей завода ЗИЛ

In 2015 MS6 AMOZIL put together a permanent exhibition on the history of ZIS/ZIL vehicles, which is open to the public

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GAZ History Museum

Original name: 
Музей истории ОАО "ГАЗ"

Official factory museum of GAZ Group, the oldest Russian automobile manufacturer.

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Polytechnical Museum

Original name: 
Политехнический музей

Polytechnical museum is a scientific, enlightening and cultural-leisure centre of Russia, the main museum in history of science and technology. The Museum keeps more than 100 collections with more than 160,000 exhibits. Many of them are unique relics of science and technique. Museum's exposition occupies about 10,500 sq. m. and it is designed according to the chronological principle with the application of original historical documents and materials, relics of science and technology, working models and installations, dioramas.

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Retro Auto Museum in Zelenogorsk

Original name: 
Зеленогорский музей ретроавтомобилей

Opened in Summer, 2008 this museum was created by members of the St. Petersburg-based Retro Union club.

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Automobile Museum, Motori Oktobrya

Original name: 
Автомузей "Моторы Октября"

A private museum, which was in Moscow, then in Sochi and in 2020 returned to Moscow.

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