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Fire Museum Hattingen

Original name: 
Feuer.Wehrk - Das Feuerwehrmuseum

This is the only museum of its type in the Ruhr region and is among the largest fire brigade museums in Germany. Especially impressive is the collection of turntable ladder vehicles, fire trucks and ambulances from bygone days. The oldest vehicle, a heavy brigade truck of the model Klöckner-Humbold-Deutz, was manufactured in 1942, and the newest "treasure," a turntable ladder IFA DL 30 from the GDR's inventory, in 1986.

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AWD Motorcycle Museum

Original name: 
AWD Sammlung

AWD (August Wurring Düsselsdorf) was a German motorcycle company in the 1920s.
August Wurring's grandson, Thomas von der Bey opened a small museum in the former factory in 2008 featuring more than 30 bikes.

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Hall 31, Commercial Vehicle Museum Willich

Original name: 
Halle 31, Nutzfahrzeugmuseum Willich

A private collection of German-produced trucks, vans and lorries

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Fire Museum Pasewalk

Original name: 
Feuerwehrmuseum Pasewalk

Collection of the local firefighters, including mostly East German vehicles.

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GDR Museum, Dargen

Original name: 
DDR-Museum Dargen

This collection, as its name suggests focus on the COMECON era with a Framo ambulance, a Volga, a Tatra 603/613, which are joined by various buses.

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Classic Vehicle Museum Rügen

Original name: 
Oldtimer Museum Rügen

There are over 80 classic cars shown in this museum

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Classic Car Museum Perleberg

Original name: 
Oldtimer- und Technikmuseum Perleberg

This museum was created by a local classic car club and features cars and motorcycles from the COMECON era, including a Melkus sportscar

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Classic Car Museum Gross Raden

Original name: 
Oldtimer-Museum Groß Raden

A former East German place, so it is no wonder this collection focuses on former East German cars and motorcycles.

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Fire Museum Meetzen

Original name: 
Feuerwehrmuseum Meetzen

On a space of 1800 sqm the Museum shows about 6000 things, including 50 vehicles and trailers used by the East German firefighters

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Automuseum Prototyp

"As a brand-independent museum, our permanent exhibition is based on the collection of both the museum’s founders. Unique automobiles from the Volkswagen and Porsche brands are on display, as well as a variety of classics, vintage cars, vintage commercial vehicles and rare models from other brands". There are temporary exhibitions as well

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