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McFeeters Motor Museum

Bill and Jan McFeeters's purpose-built facility was opened recently. It houses over 40 classic cars. Cars range from veterans to custom cars, rare, common and just down right bizarre.

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Powerhouse Museum

"The Powerhouse Museum, the biggest Museum in Sydney is part of the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, presents exhibitions and programs based on the ideas and technologies that have changed our world, and the stories of the people who inspire and create them. Our purpose is to enable visitors to discover and be inspired by human ingenuity."

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National Transport Museum

"The museum collection consists of 120 vehicles and 60 motor cycles, ultra light aircraft, as well as WW2 aircraft engine/cutaways, WW2 jeeps and several trucks. The cars are from America, England, Europe and Australia." - from the Collections Australia Networks

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Australian Motorlife Museum

"Established in 1992 by a group of motoring enthusiasts and named the Australian Motorlife Museum in 2007 this museum is dedicated to the preservation of motoring history. It is Australia’s only public displayed collection of antique automobilia and contains thousands of items of our motorised history including vehicles, equipment, accessories, tools, mascots and signage – a vast and amazing array of motoring memorabilia.

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National Automobile Museum of Tasmania

"The National Automobile Museum of Tasmania's collection of cars and motorcycles is testimony to the exciting history and development of the international automotive industry. Spanning a hundred years of style and technical achievement this impressive collection of traditional and contemporary marques is a "must see" for all who appreciate history, design, engineering and style.

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Dick Johnson Racing Raceshop & Museum

"The Dick Johnson museum is home to the cars that made Dick Johnson famous, including...

  • XD Tru-Blu Falcon that won the Bathurst 1000 in 1981 and the 1981/82 championship
  • EB Shell Falcon that won the Bathurst 1000 in 1994
  • AU Shell Falcon which was Dick’s last race car
  • Sierra that dominated the championship series from 1987 to 1992

    The museum also displays some of Dick’s rivals’ race cars from time to time, including Peter Brock’s 1978 A9X Torana, Kevin Bartlett’s #9 Camaro and Allan Moffat’s 1969 Coca Cola Mustang.

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    National Holden Museum

    "Echuca if fortunate to have the Nations largest collections of Holdens, making this private Museum the largest one brand car Museum in Australia. See over 40 vehicles, including rare prototypes, historic film footage, and photographic exhibition."

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    National Army Museum

    "We are a New Zealand museum showcasing our nation's military history, telling the stories of kiwi soldiers and exploring our participation in major conflicts worldwide.

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    Museum of Transport and Technology

    The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT) is a leading Auckland Museum with a focus on science, transport and technology.

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    Southward Car Museum

    The Southward Car Museum houses a collection of over 350 vehicles, as well as three aircraft and various other exhibits including motorcycles, bicycles, fire engine etc. The motor museum is run by a charitable trust, incorporated in 1972. The car museum is approximately an hour's drive from downtown Wellington and is situated between the North Island Main Trunk Railway to the west and State Highway 1 to the east.

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