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Inauguration of the Exhibition “Lingotto Vive & Rivive. Quand'Era Una Fabbrica"


TURIN, 26 OCTOBER - The exhibition “Lingotto VIVE & RIVIVE. Quand’era una fabbrica”, visitable in Pavilion 5 of the Lingotto Shopping Centre, is a fascinating experience revealing an ex-industrial site that is a symbol of Turin and of urban regeneration in general. Here, in the decades between the early 1920s and the late 1980s, a car-making factory became a world famous avant-garde Fiat production site.

FCA Heritage has lent extraordinary videos and photographs belonging to its precious collection housed in the Centro Storico Fiat. These evocatively illustrate the productive and architectural history of the Lingotto in terms of its design, operation, conversion and restructuring phases.

Opened in 1923, to this day the Fiat factory remains admired for the modernity and elegance of its vertical thrust, and its astonishing rooftop test track, which at the time aroused the admiration of a generation of architects, including Le Corbusier.

The exhibition is part of the "Torino Design of the City 2020" event, and also aims to promote awareness of the Torino Automotive Heritage Network project... a network of cultural and entrepreneurial entities conceived to celebrate the cultural heritage of Torino Città dell'Auto.

The exhibition “Lingotto VIVE & RIVIVE. Quando era una fabbrica", will be open until 31 December 2020.