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Thomas River Historical Village

Thomas River Historical Village

Thomas River, named in 1801, takes its name from an English deserter, Thomas Bentley. Part of Van Der Kemps missionary, Bentley was killed by a poison Bushman Arrow while crossing the river, thus duly named Thomas River. The original train station, sited between the stone forts, dates from the late 1870’s with the new station coming into being in 1926. The station saw its last train in 1948 when the new line opened. Thomas River Historical Village, reborn in 2003, has been passionately restored by Jeff and Ann Sansom to take you back to yesteryear. Recently added to the village are the motoring Museum donated by the Vintage Car Club, which will interest both car fans and nostalgia fans alike, taking you back to the golden days of motoring


Old Thomas River Station & Ramble Restaurant
Thomas River
Cathcart District
South Africa

+27 45 843 1504