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Konchaev Firefighting and Technical Exhibition

Пожарно-техническая выставка им. Б.И. Кончаева
The Fire-Technical Exhibition, named after B.I. Konchaeva of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia for St. Petersburg is the oldest specialized museum in the country. Its opening took place on June 29, 1957. Since 1994, the exhibition bears the name of one of its founders B.I. Konchaeva. For more than half a century, the exhibition, located in the building of the old fire station, acquaints its visitors with the main milestones of the formation and development of the city's fire and rescue service. A significant part of the exposition is devoted to the milestones of the development of the St. Petersburg fire brigade, founded in 1803 by Emperor Alexander. Particular attention in the exposition is given to the feat of firefighters and fighters of the Local Air Defense during the Great Patriotic War. In the Znamenny Hall there are banners of fire brigades that keep the memory of labor and combat feats of fire fighters. The pride of the Fire and Technical Exhibition. B.I. Konchaeva is the country's largest collection of rare firefighting equipment

Bol'shoy Prospekt Vasil'yevskogo Ostrova, 73
St Petersburg