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PS.Speicher: From "Depot To Collection"


EINBECK, 19 March, 2024 --  PS.SPEICHER is now presenting its "collections" to visitors. The classic car museum thus replaces the previously used term “depot”.

With the start of the summer season, PS.SPEICHER is changing its communication. In June 2016 and the summer of 2020, the classic car museum made its depots publicly accessible at great financial and construction expense. These four other locations have developed over the years into an important pillar of the largest classic car museum in Europe.

“We started with the idea of giving our visitors an insight into our exhibit storage – i.e. our depots. Due to the great interest right from the start, we have developed these into independent exhibition venues with the support of our founder, numerous donors and a lot of voluntary commitment. “The term ‘collection’ now seems more appropriate to us,” says managing director Lothar Meyer-Mertel. Since its first opening, the PS.SPEICHER has increased the size of its collections by several thousand square meters and many hundreds of historical exhibits to show the complete variety of its vehicles.

PS.SPEICHER is constantly working on its collections, regularly replacing vehicles and enhancing the customer experience. The most recent example of this is a special exhibition in the motorcycle collection on the subject of “two- and four-stroke engines”. This is already included in the entrance fee.

In addition, PS.SPEICHER will soon equip the motorcycle collection, the small car collection and the automobile collection with so-called “self-service terminals” where visitors can print out their own tickets. Tickets are available on site at the Truck + Bus Collection.