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PS.Speicher: Cars From The 1990s Are Now Ready To Be Museum Pieces

PS Speicher 1990s

EISENBACK, Germany -- This PS.SPEICHER in Einbeck opened a new exhibition in Hall 8, titled "From the 1990s to the present". Thus the museum continues its chronology of the history of mobility and shows technical innovations of the past decades on 200 square meters.

Lifestyle and cultural zeitgeist meet technical milestones, knowledge transfer combined with emotions: With its new exhibition area, PS.SPEICHER is moving even closer into the consciousness of its visitors. “A tour of the PS.SPEICHER starts at Karl Drais' running machine. Now he ends up with an electric cargo bike from Rytle. As much as the exhibits differ from each other, it comes full circle,” says Lothar Meyer-Mertel, Managing Director of PS.SPEICHER.

Among the highlights are three new cars, twelve motorcycles, an electric cargo bike and two interactive multimedia stations. There are also numerous small exhibits from 1990 onwards – these include mobile phones, a game console, the first volume in the Harry Potter series and an issue of the Bild newspaper with the memorable headline “We are Pope”.

Cars include a Mercedes-Benz A-Class, an Audi TT and Volkswagen's "one liter car", the XL 1, with motorcycles such as a Suzuki Hayabusa, an all-electric Johammer J1, a BMW R nineT, a Kawasaki Z1000 or a BMW F650 Sertao are also being shown.

From the 1990s to the present” is part of the main exhibition at PS.SPEICHER and is included in the admission price. At the same time, it replaces the "future tunnel" that was dedicated to future developments in mobility. This is to be recreated elsewhere by 2025.