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Motorisation and Technical Museum

Muzeum Motoryzacji i Techniki
"The Motorisation Museum was created in 1995 in Otrębusy near Warsaw. At present the collection includes approx. 300 antique vehicles. The oldest vehicle is a US TITAN tractor from 1895. The oldest lorry: Mercedes from 1913. And among passenger cars a FIAT of 1919. Among the exhibits there are passenger cars, lorries, buses, airplanes, perambulators, bicycles, motorcycles and also operating tanks. At present reconstruction works are carried out on several dozens of vehicles, including the famous Polish 7TP tank and the reconnoitring TKS tank. A real rarity is the ZIS convertible of J. Stalin, Mercedes 170V of Loda Halama, and also a convertible and many other cars, which were used by Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe or Jan Kiepura."
Opening times: every day 10 AM to 5 PM

ul. Warszawska 21
05-805 Otrebusy