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Captain Walter Wanderwell's expedition


Usually, we don't feature this type of information, but this plea may be of interest for some museums.

Captain Walter Wanderwell, an adventurer, inventor and former sailor with an itch for world travel, conceived the notion of circling the globe by automobile. An emigrant from Poland, he changed his name from the un-pronounceable ‘Johannes Pieczynski’, to Wanderwell during a 1914 walking tour of America. This rugged individual was yet to meet Aloha, his young partner on this extraordinary odyssey, who would become the first woman to circle the globe in an automobile!

Ultimately, the Wanderwells drove through 43 countries on four continents, in nearly four years in travels, eventually ending up where Captain Wanderwell began, at the Ford Motor plant in Dearborn. (Unit 2 car was later donated to the Ford Greenfield Village Museum in a public ceremony in 1929.)

Unfortunately Unit 2 was scrapped during World War 2.

Richard Diamond, Aloha's grandson who looks after Aloha Wanderwell's legacy is trying to find any of the original cars from the expedition "if anyone knew of any of these cars that might be in a collection that would be of interest to us. The hoods from some of these auto's, had signatures from USA presidents, famous actors etc. they must still exist".

Please contact <A HREF="mailto:AlohaWanderwell at ">Richard</A> if you happen to have any leads.

Text is partly based on an article written by Dan Trease on the <A HREF="">Wanderwell Expedition</A>