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Museums in United States

Beller Museum

Founded in 1993 by Jordon and Corinne Beller, our museum strives to showcase products of Detroit's heydays, especially from Ford. We want to show individuals that these roadsters were marvelous tools for hard-working people everywhere.


Bill's Old Bike Barn

"Nestled in a wooded grove behind his shop of 40 years Bill Morris started to fulfill his life long dream. Bill's Old Bike Barn was born. Ten years later we have over 100 amazing vintage motorcycles and more than 50,000 square feet dripping with some of the most extraordinary antiques from all around the world. The 1939 German Kattenkrad, 1913 Harley Silent Grey Fellow, 1914 Triumph have taken their place along with vintage European carousel horses and pristine Moto Guzzi's and our latest acquisition the 1909 Peugot."

Bluegrass Motorcycle Museum

The Bluegrass Motorcycle Museum of Hartford, Kentucky. When visitors come to Hartford, a short day trip is in demand to see the treasures of the Bluegrass Motorcycle Museum. Owned and operated by Jack Embry and his wife Nancy, the displays boast over 20 vintage, American made motorcycles, and 30 years’ worth of motorcycle memorabilia. The oldest bike displayed is a 1911 Yale, with a tandem seat and original paint designs. This rare, early 20th century bike is the only one still in existence today.

BMW Car Club of America Museum

The BMW Car Club of America Foundation is the philanthropic expression of the 70,000+ members of the BMW Car Club of America, our corporate sponsors and generous donors. Together we operate the largest BMW Museum & Archive in the Americas, directly next door to the BMW Performance Center in Greer, South Carolina.

BMW Car Club of America Museum

BMW Zentrum Museum

"This is no ordinary museum. And these are no ordinary exhibits. Some have reached 340 mph, some have won Formula 1 championships, some have starred in James Bond™ movies and some, like the Dixie Ihle, have inspired decades of craftsmanship, creativity and dreams." - says the information blurb about the display, shown at Zentrum, a showcase of BMW's past, present and future next to the factory.


Bonanzaville by the Cass County Historical Society is history museum and pioneer village located in West Fargo, ND We explore the history of the Red River Valley , from Native Americans through the modernization of America. Each of its 40 buildings are filled with period furnishings and artifacts. Additionally there is an automobile, tractor and airplane museum.