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Museums in Spain

Melilla Automobile Museum

D. Miguel Angel Hernandez, a local collector set up this collection of over fifty motorcycles and cars, showing the history of motorisation in Melilla in the 20th century. From a 1929 Chevrolet to a Peugeot 504, 1978, the museum has some beautiful cars that are kept in perfect condition by regularly driving them on long journeys.

Museum of Historical Vehicles, “Valle de Guadalest”

After more than 25 years of work, recovering and restoring motorcycles and microcars, Don Ricardo Fracés Seguí opens in 2003 the doors of the Museum of Historical Vehicles “Valle de Guadalest”. This collection consists of about 140 motorcycles and several microcars, in perfect condition and totally original, from the 20s to the 70s. The museum is in a room of 500 m2 of surface and for its architectural beauty is a room that leaves surprised to many visitors.

Ramón Magriñà Collection

Ramón Magriñà began his collection in 1979 with a Citroën 5CV. Since then, many other vehicles have joined it until today there are exactly 64 cars, 60 motorcycles and 65 bicycles, apart from 2 Hispano Suiza aviation engines. The Spanish brand is also present among the cars with four copies.

Roda Roda - Lleida Automobile Museum

The Roda Roda - Lleida Automotive Museum presents an extensive collection of cars, motorcycles, engines and scale reproductions that invite us to take a journey through the world of the automotive industry through history. They transport us to past times and allow us to reflect on the evolution of technology and the social changes that have surrounded it. Its headquarters are installed in an old mechanical workshop.

Sala Team Exhibition

This is a multi-brand dealer and in their showroom there's an exhibition showing the history of the company, its results through old photos and several preserved examples of old cars and motorcycles which the company represented (Land Rover, Suzuki etc.)

Salamanca Automobile History Museum

The Museum is based on the Gómez-Planche Collection, with over one hundred vehicles, thousands of pieces, accessories and other automobile-related objects, as well as artefacts donated by private individuals, companies and institutions. The Museum has a remarkable bibliographic archive and also have been ceded a unique collection by the Spanish General Directorate for Traffic.

Salvador Claret Automobile Collection

Classic cars, family saloons, sports cars, celebrities’ cars... These all fill the rooms of the exhibition, which is part of the network of the National Science and Technology Museum of Catalonia. The automobiles are all left parked inside a dimly-lit single-floor building – a large vehicle depot preserving a heritage of great historical value. When you get to the building, you go in by way of a shop offering various objects featuring automobile designs.