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Museums in Italy

FCA Heritage Hub

The Heritage Hub is housed on the site of the former Workshop 81 in Via Plava in Turin, one of Fiat’s historic manufacturing plants inside the Mirafiori complex. It features multi-functional spaces that are home to FCA Heritage. The Heritage Hub contains all the services, activities and products created by FCA Heritage, including staff offices.

Heritage Hub

Ferdinando Giannini's Museum

Among the peculiarities of the exhibition is the auto repair shop of the 1900s, the first velocipede and the Bersaglieri bike, motorcycles, cars and, among all, the Fiat 1500 cabriolet from 1937, a unique specimen, made by Pininfarina for Benito Mussolini who later donated it to his son Bruno. Also on display are telegraphs, radio recorders, TVs, gramophones, magic lanterns, projectors, machines and accessories for photography, calculating machines, typewriters, sewing machines, coins, ivory objects, stamps, surgery devices and much more.


Ferrari Museum, Maranello

The Ferrari Museum in Maranello provides visitors with an experience that allows them to discover the history of the Group, of Scuderia Ferrari in Formula 1 and of the most iconic track and road cars that have written the history of the Prancing Horse, and continue to do so today.


Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum

The Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum narrates the life of Ferruccio through his mechanical creations and a vast archive of family’s photos. This place, conceived and founded by the entrepreneur Tonino Lamborghini to celebrate his father, was inaugurated in 2014. Inside 9,000 sqm. the Museum holds all the industrial productions of the Doctor of Engineering (Hon. Causa) Lamborghini, from the first Carioca tractor which started his company in 1947, to the most important tractors of the ‘50s,’60s and ‘70s.

Ferruccio Lamborghini

FIAT 500 Museum, Nebrodi

The FIAT 500 Museum in Nebrodi was founded in Acquedolci on 12 May 2019, with the aim of making known and enhancing the history of the car that allowed, in the 60s and 70s, the first economic and recreational activities in the mountainous territory of the Nebrodi. The structure, small in size, displays two Fiat 500s, the tools of a workshop from the 60s, spare parts and memorabilia.

Museo della FIAT 500 sui Nebrodi

Fiat Historical Center

The Fiat Historical Centre contains the brand museum and the company archive. It is based in Turin, in a fine Art Nouveau building in the area where the company's first manufacturing workshops were set up. Its displays do not focus only on cars: Fiat aeroplanes, trains, tractors, bicycles, washing machines, refrigerators, war technology and even ship engines are all on show, as well as its legendary cars.

Centro Storico Fiat

Francesco Baracca Museum

Count Francesco Baracca was Italy's top fighter ace of World War I, who died in 1918. His prancing horse emblem was used by Enzo Ferrari later on. Lugo, the hometown of Francesco Baracca, has dedicated to the World War I hero a museum housing the SPAD VII, the fighter that brought Baracca to one of his 34 victories, as well as numerous mementos from the time.