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Museums in Germany

Automobile World Eisenach

The Automobile Production Museum (Autombilbaumuseum) was founded in 1967. Since 1994 it has its home in the rooms of the Wartburg Sparkasse´s Administration building at the street named Rennbahn. A select series beginning with the Wartburg Motor Carriage (1899) and ending with the Wartburg 1.3 in the early 1990s documents over 100 year tradition of automobile production in Eisenach. Sportscars, Prototypes, and special variations of the cars produced in Eisenach are being prepared for the expansion of the existing exhibition

Automuseum Nossen

Autohaus Hertrampf has been around for 90 years as a car dealer. Today it represents Renault. Adjacent to the showroom there's a museum with a lot of different cars - from a Ford Model T to a Soviet Tschaika and motorcycles.

Automuseum Prototyp

"As a brand-independent museum, our permanent exhibition is based on the collection of both the museum’s founders. Unique automobiles from the Volkswagen and Porsche brands are on display, as well as a variety of classics, vintage cars, vintage commercial vehicles and rare models from other brands". There are temporary exhibitions as well

AutoMuseum Volkswagen

The Volkswagen AutoMuseum is situated near the Volkswagen factory where the latest Volkswagen models are produced. On an exhibition space covering some 5,000 square metres, a total of 130 vehicles provide a fascinating insight into the product history of Volkswagen. Among the main exhibits are many rare concept vehicles, prototypes and one-off models. This is a relatively down-to-earth museum, compared to the nearby AutoStadt complex, but for Volkswagen fans it is like a shrine.