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Atwell-Wilson Motor Museum

​We are a small friendly museum situated in the heart of Wiltshire. The majority of our 100+ exhibits are cars from the 1920s onwards. We also have a collection of motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles. You can also see interesting motoring memorabilia, our Jack Spittle Model Lorry Collection and a reconstructed 1930s style garage complete with vehicles.

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The Malta Classic Car Collection

The ‘Classic Cars Collection ‘ museum is a tribute to automobile industry set in approx 3000sqm boasting all the latest facilities one would expect to find a fine establishment. The Museum features a “living” collection of large selection of automobiles, constantly being updated through acquisitions. The current collection spans over 50 manufacturing years. The cars range from classics such as Alfa Romeo, Austin, Jaguar, Fiat, Ford, MG, Mini, Sunbeam, Triumph to the latest BMW’s, Jaguar and Ferrari. There are also classic motorbikes such as BSA, Lambretta and Vespa.

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Anglesey Transport Museum - Tacla Taid

Tacla Taid, the Anglesey Transport Museum, is the largest of its kind in Wales. It features displays of cars, motorbikes, commercial and farm vehicles and static engines.
Walk back in time and see over 60 gleaming classic cars and vehicles from the 1920s onwards.

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Amberley Working Museum

Amberley Working Museum is a 36 acre open-air museum dedicated to the industrial heritage of the south-east. Staffed largely by volunteers, the Museum contains a wide range of exhibits, ranging from transport-based collections, such as the Southdown bus collection & the village garage, to industry-based collections, such as the Print Workshop & Wheelwrights.

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German Automobile Museum in Langenburg Castle

Original name: 
Deutsches Automuseum Schloss Langenburg

The "Langenburg Castle Automobile Museum in the historical stables of the castle, with approximately 65 vehicles, documents the development of motorised vehicles from vintage cars up to modern times.

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Tofaş Bursa Museum of Anatolian Carriages

Original name: 
Tofaş Anadolu Arabaları Müzesi Umurbey

The Tofaş factory museum focuses on horse-drawn carriages, but there's a selection of Tofas-built automobiles as well, starting with the Murat 124 from 1971

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Rahmi M Koç Museum

The Rahmi M Koç Museum is the first major museum in Turkey dedicated to the history of Transport, Industry and Communications. As part of its mission to be a 'living' museum, the Rahmi M. Koç Museum not only illustrates the history of industry, transport and communications, but is also an important cultural, educational and social centre.

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Ural Ataman Classic Car Museum

Original name: 
Ural Ataman Klasik Otomobil Müzesi

Ural Ataman's private museum occupies a 2000 sqm land and shows about 50 classic cars.

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Sabri Artam Classic Car Museum

Original name: 
Sabri Artam Vakfı Otomobil Müzesi

The Sabri Artam Classic Automobile Museum, which houses one of the largest collections of antique automobiles in Turkey, is located near the top of Çengelköy, on the road that leads to the district of Ümraniye. The museum opened in 1998. It now preserves a collection of automobiles, each one of them with a unique history of its own, for future generations.
The Sabri Artam Automobile Museum was the first museum in Turkey to be recognized by FIVA (The International Federation of Historical Vehicles.

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Mehmet Arsay Classic Car Museum

Original name: 
Mehmet Arsay Klasik Otomobil Müzesi

Private collection, ranging from a 1899 Decauville to a 1978 Porsche.

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