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Petite Couère Field

Original name: 
Domaine de la Petite Couère

This 82 ha wildlife park is a perfect outing for a family: it also includes a reconstituted 1900 village, a guided tour on a tourist train, a lot of old tractors, several classic cars, hundreds of scale models, a few bicycles and motorbikes.

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Loire Firefighting Museum

Original name: 
Musée des Sapeurs Pompiers De la Loire

Local firefighting museum with a lot of fire engines.

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Chapy Museum

Original name: 
Musée Chapy

A private collection of over 1400 pieces, including cars, motorcycles and memoribilia

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Sanxet Castle Automobile Museum

Original name: 
Le musée de automobile Chateau de Sanxet

The fifteenth-century chateau de Sanxet is the beautiful home of twenty three cars, some of which are unique models. The chateau produces its own wine; the visitor can taste the wine and visit the underground, fourteenth-century winery.

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Matra Museum

Original name: 
Espace automobiles Matra

Housed in a former industrial building, the Matra Museum lies on a 3300 m2 territory and covers the history of Matra, from road cars for LeMans and Formula 1 racers.

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Drouais Retro-Mobile Museum

Original name: 
Musée Rétro-Mobile-Drouais

An exceptional collection in Eure-et-Loir province, this museum features a wide range of cars made between 1885 and 1965, plus bicycles and motorbikes. There are Fiat, Simca, Licorne, Panhard cars and a nice Facel-Vega as well.

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Floriano Automobile Museum

Original name: 
Museu do Automóvel de Floriano

Teodoro F. Sobral Neto's personal collection of about 20 old cars, trucks and motorcycles.

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Eduardo André Matarazzo Museum

Original name: 
Museu Eduardo André Matarazzo

Eduardo André Matarazzo (1932-2002) was an enterprenuer, who loved classic cars. In his free time he began restoring old cars in 1953 and opened a museum in the mid-1960s.

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Two Wheeler Museum

Original name: 
Museu Duas Rodas

This museum, which has been around for more than 30 years, is the first and biggest motorcycle collection in Brasil. There are more than 300 bikes, including a Pannonia from Hungary and a Vespa from Italy.

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Hollywood Dream Cars

In an area of approximately 1000 m2, this museum displays a lot of American cars, like a 1953 Cadillac, a 1946 Mercury and dozens of others. Additionally there are 15 Harley-Davidson motorcycles

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