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Automobile Museum Nicolini Collection

Original name: 
Asociación Museo Del Automovil Colección Nicolini

Opened in 2002, this museum houses the collection of Jorge Nicolini. You can find find rarities like a Boyer (1901), a Clement (1903), Stutz BB (1928) which was previously owned by the first mayor of Lima and many more unique cars

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Automobile Museum Colchagua

Original name: 
Museo del Automóvil & Museo del Vino

Museum was inaugurated in 1995 and it belongs to the “Foundation Cardoen”, an entity without profit purposes, created by Carlos Cardoen Cornejo, with the purpose of research, preserve, conserve and spread cultural heritage. Colchagua’s museum also have a collection of classic cars, motorcycles and engines.

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Classic Car Museum "La Antigua Estación"

Original name: 
Museo de Autos Clásicos "La Antigua Estación"

On January 6, 2016 the museum opened its doors in the emblematic building of the old Ancap station in the heart of Punta del Este. The Museum of Classic Cars "La Antigua Estación" The exhibition has more than 30 first-rate vehicles since 1899 in ahead, in excellent condition, in the best style of the Automobile Museums of the Old Continent. During your visit you will find emblematic cars that made history in Uruguay and in the world and learn about their development.

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Classic Car Museum, San Pedro

Original name: 
Museo Cars, San Pedro

Just 20 kilometers from the historic Colonia del Sacramento is the C’ars Manuquita Museum, a space of more than 2000 square meters where you can take a trip back in time. It was inaugurated on September 30, 2017. Its owner, Manuel Arslanian, allocated part of his property to exhibit all kinds of antiques, from photographs to restored cars. In addition, the exhibition allows you to travel back in time with the setting of vintage shops such as a barber shop and a pharmacy.

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Wichita-Sedgwick Co. Historical Museum

In the heart of downtown Wichita, the Museum is located in the original 1890 City Hall with its 170-foot tall clock tower. This exceptional, AAM-accredited museum features four floors of special and long-term exhibits examining Wichita and Sedgwick County’s rich history and cultural heritage. The museum’s collection of 70,000 artifacts includes a Wichita-built 1916 Jones Six automobile, a full-scale Victorian home interior and many other exhibits embodying the area’s vibrant history from its settlement in the 1860s to the era of aviation and electric guitars.

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Rocsen Museum

Original name: 
Museo Rocsen

The Rocsen ("Saint Rock") Museum is a museum located in Nono, Córdoba Province. It was established in 1969 and features a "multifaceted" collection of over 18,000 pieces, with natural history, archaeological and decorative objects from all around the world. It also includes a huge technical collection related to carriages and automobiles: we find in this collection the most diverse types of vehicles.

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Casa Rosada Museum

Original name: 
Museo Casa Rosada

The museum, behind the Casa Rosada palace itself, stands on the spot occupied by the original colonial fort of Buenos Aires. It explores the history of Argentina, from colonial times to the present, and houses the remains of the original walls of the former customs house, as well as an acclaimed mural created by Mexican artist David Alfaro Siquieros. It has a collection of more than 11,000 pieces of a heterogeneous nature, that includes personal objects of the Argentine presidents, as well as historical assets and works of art.

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Don Iris Automobile Museum

Original name: 
Museo del Automóvil Don Iris

Museum with cars and motorcycles that marked an era in Argentine and world history as well.

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Classic Automobile Museum, Luján

Original name: 
Museo de Automòviles Clàsicos, Luján

The Classic Automobile Museum in Luján shows a small exhibition of vehicles with the main attraction probably the pope mobile from 1981.

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Automobile Museum Campana (‘Manuel Iglesias‘)

Original name: 
Museo del Automóvil ‘Manuel Iglesias‘

In 1997 an agreement was signed between the Municipality of Campana and the members of the Club del Primer Automóvil for the creation of the Municipal Automobile Museum "Manuel Iglesias". On December 1, 2007, coinciding with the celebration for the 100th anniversary of the construction of the First Argentine Automobile, the new museum was inaugurated. Located where the Municipal Market used to be.

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