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Mille Miglia Museum

Museo 1000 Miglia
The Museum is dedicated to the ‘Red Arrow’ race and was brought to life by the Mille Miglia Museum Association. It was established in December 1996 by a group of Brescian businessmen known as the “Friends of the Mille Miglia”. The Association today has 50 shareholders. The new Museum was opened to the public on 10 November 2004. Setting up this project involved restoring the Sant’Eufemia monastery complex, owned by the Brescia municipality. The property is of huge archaeological, historical and architectural value and had for some time been undergoing relentless degradation. The Museum stands out from other automobile museums precisely because of its location at this hugely important historic site. The Mille Miglia Museum is the guardian of history there, telling its legendary story and providing living testament, day after day, to that period of the region’s past.
Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.

Monastery of Saint Eufemia
Vialle della Bornata, 123
25135 Brescia BS