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Frera Motorcycle Museum

Museo della Motocicletta Frera
The former Frera factories in via Zara were built in 1905 by Corrado Frera to host his company by the same name, founded in Milan in 1897. Today it has been rebuilt by the Municipal administration to host the Civic Library and the Motorcycle Museum. The building that for nearly thirty years was a mechanics workshop where hundreds of motorbikes were assembled, today has a beautiful liberty-style orange façade. On the upper floor it is possible to visit the Motorcycle Museum divided into two areas, one bigger, of the Frera models, and another those of their competition. Excellent models that won countless sport competitions in the beginning of the century, worthy of becoming part of not only Italian history, luckily, thanks to donations of collectors are exposed in this Museum
Opening times: Thursday: 8 to 10 PM Saturday and Sunday: 3 to 5 PM

Via Zara, 37
21049 Tradate VA