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A visit to the Deutsches Zweirad- und NSU-Museum in Neckarsulm


If you take the E50 highway from Mannheim to Nürnberg, you better plan to plan for a lot of stopovers. There's the magical Technical Museum in Sinsheim, the motor racing museum at the Hockenheim ring - more on these later on.

But if you're into motorcycles, the official NSU history museum coupled with the German two-wheeler collection is a must-see in Neckarsulm. It is signposted from the highway and very conveniently located.

Down at the basement you'll see a very nice selection of NSU motorcycles and the occasional NSU automobile. The whole history is laid out and perfectly illustrated with nice descriptions - unfortunately only in German.

But it is the two-wheeler collection which is really mind boggling. On three floors there are hundreds of motorycles and motorized two-wheeler machines. You can't ask for a more diverse and entertaining mix of vehicles to learn about the history of motorcycles. From Gnome-Rhone to Jawa, from Brough Superior to Dresch, from Heinkel scooters to the Wilkinson Auto-Cycle there are motorcycles in every shape, size and age.

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