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New Exhibition on Paul Jaray's Life Set To Be Opened in Berlin


BERLIN, 24 April -- Kunsthaus Dahlem is set to open "Paul Jaray – The rationality of the streamline" on 28 April. This is the second stop of the exhibition which is curated by Wolfgang Scheppe of the Italian Arsenale Institute for Politics of Representation.

Paul Jaray (1889–1974), whose patent application was the first and most important pioneer of aerodynamics for automobiles. Before anyone else did, he gave land-based vehicles a scientifically-based shape. Yet reflecting on Jaray’s role as an automotive pioneer today, when it has been established that the car and individual mobility have reached the end of their socially justifiable existence, means looking back to the diametrically opposed moment of the heroic automobile era. This machine stood for a leftist social utopia: the masses were to be liberated through an imagined revolutionary redemption by means of technical progress in motorization. These beginnings have faded from memory.

The exhibition was first featured in Venice back in 2021 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Paul Jaray's first patent.

This new exhibition in Berlin which runs through September features a wider thematic scope, and includes many additional exhibits.

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