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FCA Heritage Hub To Feature Special Exhibition To Celebrate 75th Anniversary of Abarth

Abarth Heritage Hub

TURIN, 27 March, 2024 - On the occasion of the Scorpion’s birthday, Stellantis’ Heritage team has put together a temporary exhibition which features some invaluable Abarth rarities belonging to private collectors and the company’s permanent collection. 
Held at the Heritage Hub, the exhibition provides visitors with an immersive experience into the constant evolution of the Italian brand with its 75 years of design, technology, and sporting achievements.
In addition to the models on show at the museum’s entrance, the exhibition will allow visitors to admire various other important Abarth vehicles, some of which are usually found in the museum’s main thematic areas and other invaluable models which are less centrally located.

Abarth will be turning 75 in a few days' time. This important milestone in motorsports is yet another record of the Italian brand, which is still fueling the dreams of fans worldwide today more than ever. For the occasion, the Stellantis’ Heritage department has decided to put together a temporary exhibition within its Heritage Hub, making use of its own invaluable company collection and the classic cars of private collectors who have agreed to show their vehicles off.

Located at the entrance of the museum in Turin, the exhibition features 38 models from private collections and Stellantis’ Abarth vehicles: from the first 500 tuned by Carlo Abarth—the one with which he set six speed and endurance records on the Monza circuit in 1958—to the legendary 1960s’ Abarth 1000 SP, and the brand-new Abarth 695 75th Anniversario which pays tribute to the Scorpion’s history and the famous 1.4 T-Jet engine, whose displacement (1,368 cc) inspired the 1,368 models produced for its limited-edition run.

The exhibition dedicated to the Scorpion brand continues in the interiors of the Heritage Hub, where classic Abarth cars are kept. These areas are often visited less often as they are located far from the museum’s main thematic areas. The exhibition is the perfect occasion to admire these true gems of world motorsports as this captivating show highlights their uniqueness in terms of design, technological innovation, and sporting achievements. And to make this anniversary even more exciting, the Heritage team has created and prepared a small yet big surprise for the exhibition’s visitors.

The show dedicated to Abarth will be open to the public for about three months, starting from April 12th,  with the purchase of a ticket for a guided tour of the Heritage Hub. Further information, bookings, and purchases are available at the following link.

«Telling the story about the key stages of Abarth is an opportunity to rediscover the record-breaking cars, the revolutionary tuning kits and legendary races that marked the technological progress and motorsport accomplishments of the brand, - explained Roberto Giolito, Head of Stellantis Heritage. “All this belongs to the past and to the present of Abarth, together with the commitment and pride of the people who over time have worked in the factories and offices and on the race tracks, with a little extra something. Besides sporting satisfaction, for the engineers and technicians of the brand with the Scorpion badge, races are the tough proving grounds where the most innovative technological solutions can be tested in the most adverse conditions before carrying them across to the street-legal Abarth models. Celebrating this anniversary means remembering the invaluable people, the sporting achievements and the technological heritage of Abarth as well as consolidating that indissoluble bond that unites various generations of customers under the banner of the founder's mission of maximum performance, craftsmanship and constant technical refinement.  All of this can be clearly seen in the exhibition we have set up in our Hub, with all of its emotions and technology, which we are certain will be appreciated by both the brand’s most seasoned experts and young fans of the most audacious sporting accomplishments».