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National Museum for Historic Vehicles

Original name: 
Conservatoire National de Véhicules Historiques

The National Museum for Historical Vehicles is unique in Luxembourg. It shows the history of automobiles and the motorised transport in general, from the end of the nineteenth century. The former Jean Wagner car factory, which holds the collection, is a predestinated location for the museum, due to its architectural and technical heritage that dates back to the beginning of Luxembourg's automobile history. In addition to the exposition, you can also find archives, a specialised shop, a cafeteria and an equipped conference room.

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Brooklands Museum

The Museum is home to the Members’ Banking, the steepest part of the Brooklands race track, and has a wide collection of cars, motorcycles and bicycles, particularly from the heyday of the track until it closed in 1939. The motoring collection is displayed inside the surviving Motoring Village buildings, next to the iconic Brooklands Clubhouse.

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British Commercial Vehicle Museum

From the bygone days of horse drawn carriages through to the state of the art power trucks you will discover a visually rich array of buses, fire engines, delivery trucks and even a very unique lawnmower.

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Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum

Thinktank redefines the concept of a science museum. Think of it more as a way to discover the world around you and the life you lead. The Science and Industry collection covers power, transport, manufacturing, communications, weapons, and clocks and watches.

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Bradford Industrial Museum

Bradford's Industrial Museum has permanent displays of textile machinery, steam power, engineering, printing machinery and motor vehicles, along with an exciting exhibitions programme. You can enjoy the splendour of Moorside House where the Mill Manager lived, or visit the Mill-workers' terraced houses dressed to reflect three different time periods.

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Black Country Museum

The Museum is essentially an urban heritage park to which buildings from throughout the Black Country have been relocated and are brought to life to tell the story of the area's rich heritage. Exhibits include motor vehicles, trams and trolleybuses.

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C.M. Booth Collection

The main feature is the unique collection of Morgan 3 wheel cars, 11 are normally on display, dating from 1909 to 1935. Other vehicles include: 1929 Ford 'A', 1929 Morris Van,1904 Humber tri-car, 1936 Bampton Caravan, 1911 P&M m/c sidecar, 1911 Premier m/c. Bicycles and tricycles, displays of toy and model cars, surrounded with auto-mobilia.

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Gladstone Court Museum

Part of the Biggar Museum Trust, the Gladstone Court Museum is one of the most fascinating small museums you are likely to find anywhere. An absolute treasure trove drawn from Biggar's past, it allows visitors to wander through a series of interconnected "streets" and explore the many old shops, offices, workshops and other premises which these give access to. Workshops on view include that of Andrew Reid, watch and clockmaker, who was one of half a dozen to have plied their trade in Biggar in the 1800s.

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Llangolen Motor Museum

The museum is a much loved family run business, We are very welcoming and love to here your stories of your memories. Most of the vehicles are on the road, such as a model “T” Ford, a Vauxhall 14/40, and several Austins and Citroen’s.

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Beamish Museum

Beamish is a world famous open air museum telling the story of the people of North East England at two important points in their history – 1825 and 1913.

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