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Newburn Hall Motor Museum

Built in 1924 for the Territorial Army on land purchased from the Duke if Northumberland, the building was used as a T.A. centre for 50 years before it was sold to Northumberland Boys club. The boys club vacated the premises in 1977. The building became a utopia for scrap collectors and vandals until it was acquired in 1979 to be rebuilt as a motor museum. Restored and refurbished the museum offers a complete service for the day visitor to the most enthusiastic car collector. You will find plenty of unique cars i.e Invicta a Jenson bodied drophead Coupe from 1948 originally owned by the Earl of Strathmore
Opening times: Monday - Sunday 10am - 6pm

35 Townfield Gardens
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE15 8PY
United Kingdom