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The Hammond Collection of Microcars

An astonishing collection of microcars collected by Edwin and Jean Hammond from the 1970s. "These little cars where very uncool in the 1970/80’s and most were bought for a minimal sum, often saving them from the scrap heap. Jean founded RUMcars (Register of Unusual Microcars) in 1980, especially for those vehicles that had no specialist club and continues very successfully today. In 2003 the collection of around 47 microcars moved into the current purpose build structure and we are rightfully proud of having some of the rarest & frankly craziest little cars on the planet, each with their own fascinating story to tell".
Open by appointment only!! There are not regular times when the collection can be viewed and visits must be by arrangement.

School House Farm
Boarden Lane
TN12 0EB
United Kingdom