Hübler's Fire Museum

Original name: 
Hüblers Feuerwehrmuseum

The museum was opened in June 2008 in one of the oldest buildings in Riedlingen. On a total of 300 square meters of exhibition space, it shows the history of preventive and defensive fire protection in Germany from the late Middle Ages to the establishment of modern fire brigades up to the 1970s.

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Fire Museum Ravensburg

Original name: 
Feuerwehrmuseum Ravensburg

Fire Brigade Museum Ravensburg shows a nice collection of all kinds of fire brigade memorabilia, big collection of scale models, Ravensburg history line of Fire Brigade and of course some vehicles.

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Moletai Technical Museum

Original name: 
Molėtų Technikos Muziejus

This private museum was opened in 2019, featuring various transport and technical equipment. The museum displays more than 100 cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, trailers and other vehicles. Also there are old radios, audio, TV equipment and more.

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Fire Museum Kirchheim um Teck

Original name: 
Feuerwehrmuseum Kirchheim um Teck

Local fire museum

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Classic Car Museum Terezín

Original name: 
Automuzeum Terezín

This museum exhibit cars and motorcycles from the COMECON era, mainly from the period 1960-1990, including Trabant, Wartburg, Škoda, Tatra, Dacia, Lada, Moskvich. But you can also see vehicles that drove in 'capitalist foreign countries'. E.g. Mercedes, Fiat etc ...

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Cabrio Gallery, Dobřenice

Original name: 
Cabrio Gallery

Cabrio Gallery shares and disseminates the legacy of JUDr. Karel Loevenstein a prominent Czech industrialist and manager, long-term CEO of the ŠKODA a.s Group - formerly Škoda's plants in Pilsen (1919 - 1939).
In the Gallery you can see nearly 30 Škoda cars, 10 Formula racing cars and five vehicles made in Bratislava by BAZ.

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Technical Museum Zdice

Original name: 
Muzeum Výtopna Zdice

This collection focuses mainly on buses, railway and firefighting vehicles. You can find around 15 road vehicles, made by Ikarus, Tatra, Praga etc.

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Automobile Museum Hameln

Original name: 
Hamelner Automuseum

This museum was opened in May, 2020 featuring local automobile brands NAW and Sperber

Total votes: 31

Energy Park

The permanent exhibition in the Energy Park impressively documents what is probably the world's largest collection of old petrol pumps from a hundred years of industrial history. Also rounded off with vehicle rarities and treasures from 50 years of vehicle construction. Not only rare petrol pumps but also rare pieces from the automotive industry can be admired in the ENERGY PARK. For example a Facel Vega 2 of which only a few examples were made or two Mercedes 300 SL Roadster cars, rare Langenthal convertibles etc.

Total votes: 28

Silverstone Experience

Discover a brand new visitor attraction at Silverstone, the home of British Motorsport. Immerse yourself in the past, present and future of Silverstone and British motor racing.

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