Historical Ride - Collection Bieniek

Zygmunt Bieniek's private collection of antique tractors and classic cars.

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Museum of Road Building, Szczucin

Original name: 
Muzeum Drogownictwa

Museum of Road Building in Szczucin is considered one of the most interesting of all Polish museums of technology. Its exposition includes tens of different machines and road-building equipment: tractors, locomobiles, rollers; road signs and measuring equipment. The interior exposition includes documents, papers, projects and other pieces illustrating the history of Polish road building.

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Wielkopolska Museum of Firefighting, Rakoniewice

Original name: 
Wielkopolskie Muzeum Pożarnictwa, Rakoniewice

The Wielkopolska Museum of Firefighting in Rakoniewice is a branch of the Central Museum of Firefighting since the 1990s. It presents almost 4,000 exhibits, provides access to over 2,000 books, promotes firefighting through organized events and exhibitions inside the museum and outside, educates children and youth in the field of fire protection and the history of firefighting. The biggest tourist attraction of the Museum is the Multimedia Room for Rescue Education, in which every visitor can directly experience various types of threats.

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Museum of Polish Automotive of the 20th Century in Busko-Zdrój

Original name: 
Muzeum Polskiej Motoryzacji XX wieku w Busku-Zdroju

This private museum, which was opened in 2013 is located in the village of Podgaje and is owned by Arkadiusz and Wojciech Łukasik. They want to show that once there was a national automotive industry by featuringPolish motorbikes, passenger cars, vans, buses and trucks.

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Automotive Museum in Nieborów

Original name: 
Muzeum Motoryzacji w Nieborowie

The Automotive Museum in Nieborów is the result of the owner 's sentiment for motoring. The museum has several dozen cars, about a hundred motorbikes, tractors, planes, household items and toys from the past, books, magazines, photos, posters.

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Gdynia Motor Museum

Original name: 
Gdyńskie Muzeum Motoryzacji

"Luxury limousines and popular cars, cars that changed history and trucks remembering the turmoil of the war, a review of motorcycles from various parts of the world" - this is how the Gdynia Automotive Museum is advertised.

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Museum of Historic Vehicles, Zabrze

Original name: 
Muzeum Pojazdów Zabytkowych w Zabrzu

Museum of Historic Vehicles in Zabrze is operated by the Automobilklub Śląski based in Katowice. The creation of the museum is the result of the activities of the Vintage Vehicles Circle in Zabrze near the Automobile Club of Silesia. Some of the exhibits are on loan, so the cars and motorcycles are rotated.

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School Automotive Museum, Toruń

Original name: 
Szkolne Muzeum Motoryzacji w Toruniu

The School Museum of Automotive Technology was established in 1995. There was an idea among teachers to preserve the models and constructions of vehicles that go down in history that were collected in our school. Vocational commission teachers worked on the creation of the museum.

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Motorcycle Museum "Moto Strefa WSK", Świdnik

Original name: 
Muzeum Motocykli „Moto Strefa WueSKi” w Świdniku

On September 7, 2013, the History Zone was opened in the city of Swidnik. The permanent exhibition, titled"Świdnik - city of freedom and dreams" is based on five pillars, building the identity of the Świdnica community. These are: aviation traditions, the freedom of the WSK crew in July 1980 and the later history of NSZZ "Solidarność", the production of WSK motorcycles, the success of athletes, as well as socio-cultural life.

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Private Museum of Technology and Military, Rzeszów

Original name: 
Prywatne Muzeum Techniki i Militariów w Rzeszowie

This museum has been opened in May 2011. It features cars (Syrena, Warsaw, Mikrus, Fiat 125 and 126, Citroën 2CV), motorcycles (Junak, Jawa, moped Wierchowina) home appliances and electronics: irons, washing machines, radios,etc.

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