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We're back...

We're back ... though we have never left in the first place.

When the site was launched in March, 2010 I hoped it would appear in Google search results by summer. It did not happen. There are a lot of potential explanations for this, but it slightly dimmed my enthusiasm for this project.

In the meantime we've been covered by The Auto Channel, Classic&Sportscar, several forums, Bing indexed us and so on. A lot of positive feedback was received from various museums, though the World Forum for Motor Museum has yet to make good on its promise to assist us on making the site more popular.

But the last hit was a phishing attack. The site had to be overhauled, and has been transferred to a new ISP.

Now we're back and I hope Google will soon index us and many visitors will see how nice really is.

Pal Negyesi