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Lueneburg Fire Brigade Museum

Original name: 
Feuerwehr Lüneburg

Lüneburg fire brigade museum is located in the service building of the Lüneburg volunteer fire brigade and displays the history of the Lüneburg fire brigade from its founding in 1864 to the present day using many exhibits including vehicles and all kind of fire brigade department.

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Fire Museum Waldbrunn-Fussingen

Original name: 

The District Fire Brigade Association in Limburg-Weilburg is the largest aid organization in the district and represents more than 100 fire department that have some nice exhibits.

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Fire Museum Lorsch

Original name: 
Lorscher Feuerwehrmuseum

The Losch Volunteer Fire Brigade Association (Freiwillige Feuerwehr Lorsch e.V.) collects old vehicles, equipment and devices and displays those on a 600 sqm site.

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Fire Museum "Fire Barn Sotzbach"

Original name: 
Feuerwehrmuseum „Sotzbacher Feuerwehrscheune“

The fire brigade museum in southern Vogelsberg was opened in 2004. It is housed in an agricultural property and shows equipment, uniforms, models and vehicles from German fire departments.

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Upper Franconian Fire Museum

Original name: 
Oberfränkisches Feuerwehrmuseum

The museum is housed in the Schauenstein Castle, the first documented mention of which dates back to the 12th century. The former knight's castle was built from 1230 to 1280 and rebuilt in 1480 after Hussite attacks and a fire. Today it is owned by the town of Schauenstein and houses the Upper Franconian fire brigade museum with 600 square meters of exhibition space, as well as the local history museum of the town of Schauenstein with animal preparations, a mineral collection and craft and community parlors.

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Fire Museum Kaufbeuren-Ostallgäu

Original name: 
Feuerwehrmuseum Kaufbeuren-Ostallgäu

Vehicles from six decades illustrates the vehicle development of fire departments in the city and in the country.

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Fire Museum Bamberg

Original name: 
Feuerwehr-Museum Bamberg

This local fire museum provides interesting information about the history of fire fighting and especially about the technical development of fire extinguishing equipment since the middle of the 18th century. From this time, more precisely from the years around 1740, the oldest exhibit comes from: a butten or box syringe, which was stationed in the "New Residence". This had to be filled with water in buckets, and it took the muscular strength of at least four men to spit the water out into the flames.

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Magirus Iveco Museum

The Oldtimer Club Magirus IVECO e.V. was set up in 1999. Almost 20 years later, at the end of 2018 the association was offered rooms for a museum in Neu-Ulm. The location was ideal, close to the Iveco Magirus plant and close to many active club members, hence many are parking their exhibits in the museum now.

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Vehicle Collection of Ulm Fire Department

Original name: 
Fahrzeugfreunde der Ulmer Feuerwehr

The Fahrzeugfreunde der Ulmer Feuerwehr association was set up in 1994 with the goal of preserving the historical fire engines of the Ulm Fire Department. The new clubhouse is also home to the collection: the 54 exhibits of all kinds of fire department vehicles are crowded together in a hall in the industrial area near Jungingen. Each exhibit is carefully signposted.

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Fire Museum Salem

Original name: 
Feuerwehrmuseum Salem

Hosted in the Salem Caste, this museum features the story of fire extinguishing technology from the 16th to the 20th century is traced in Fire Museum in Salem. Particular attention is paid to the pioneers in the fire service such as Daimler, Kurtz, Magirus and Metz and their groundbreaking inventions.

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