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Loschán Collection


Ferenc Loschán is a Hungarian private collector, who lives in Olasz - a small village which is about 15 minutes' drive from Pécs. If you ever think about visiting the 2010 European Capital of Culture, make sure to organize a trip to his place.

He's got a really nice selection of classic cars, including a Hungarian-made MÁG Magosix and a cca 1897 Panhard-Levassor, which participated in the London-Brighton race. Additionally he's an avid collector of motorcycle and recently he opened a hall, which is devoted to his bikes. Though it is a little bit cramped, but there's no other place where you can see so many Hungarian-made motorcycles. You can find a wide selection of Pannonia and Danuvia motorcycles - including rarities and prototypes (how about a Pannonia electric scooter :)?). He's also got all models made by Csepel in the 1930s and 1940s. Additionally there's a cca 1928 Méray shown, while two others are currently being restored. A Mátra motorcycle from the 1940s is a less-known, but important brand

Oldest motorcycle which belongs to Ferenc is a Puch from 1904, while an even older Laurin-Klement is on loan. To top it all there's a nice Brough-Superior from the 1920s.

As there are no signs on the road, it is easy to miss the headquarters of Loschán Kft. If you intend to visit the place, drop us a line and we'll help you get there.