About us

There are a lot of museum guides out there. Problem is: none of them are comprehensive and/or really up-to-date. There's nothing worse than planning a nice holiday trip, peppered with visits to great museums, then find them closed, abandoned or relocated.
We'd like to assist you in having a good time so here you can find all the automobile and motorcycle museums from all over the world. Some tramway, bus and tractor collections have also been included, but our aim was to focus on passenger cars, trucks and motorcycles. Both public museums and open-to-the-public private collections are included with locations shown on Google Maps, opening times and a few words on the collections themselves. There are plans to include more information - it all depends on how well received this site will be.

The idea of a Motoring Museums' Lighthouse was conceived by Pál Négyesi, a Hungarian automotive journalist and historian. He's published a similar guide on the now defunct KTUD Automotive History site back in the late 1990s. Though it has not been updated for years, it is still considered one of the best museum guides on the web. A time for change has come in 2009 when Pál decided to do a long-awaited update of the database. Together with his brother, chx, - who, as many inside the Drupal community know, can't be distracted - the idea of a new website was born.

With ChX doing most of the programming work, it was decided that a clean-sheet approach will work best. So work has begun on the new site. Eventually a lot of assistance was provided by Pál's collegaues at ceauto.co.hu Ltd, especially Larissa Borszéki and Csaba Delényi. Later fellow AutoPuzzlers joined in, including "Paul Jaray", "Arunas", "faksta", "Allemano" and "neilshouse". Wigolf Huss, who worked with Pál on the previous iteration of the museum guide also provided valuable assistance.

Naturally hundreds of websites and guides were scouted. Most of them are listed in the links section. We are enormously grateful for local tourist associations' who answered our questions.

Phase 1 has now been completed on the site - over 1000 collections are listed with major details. Preparations are under way for phase 2 - stay tuned!