Canterbury Museum

The Canterbury Museum purchased the Ivan Mauger Collection in 2016. Ivan Mauger was a multiple motorcycle champion. The collection includes Mauger's gold-plated bike, the collection includes the bike he rode when he broke the world long track speed record in 1986 and the first Jawa 4-valve bike ever produced, on which he won the 1976 World Long Track Championship. It also includes trophies, vests, leathers and a variety of other objects.

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Dardanup Heritage Park

Gary Brookes's passion for collecting old machinery led to the establishment of the Park. Steam / Diesel sawmill, mill settlement, engines, tractors, dozers, horse drawn equip, military, memorabilia and much more. The park is one of Australia’s finest collections of heritage items dedicated to our pioneers and the equipment they used to develop our state over the past 120 years.

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Morris Minor Garage

With Morris Minors and other historic vehicles dating back to 1926, the garage located at Windrush Park, Harcourt is open by appointment only

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Museum of Timeless Memories

A home, a car, a caravan, tricycles for the kids, a vacuum cleaner and a washing machine for mum, a lawn mower, tools and a garden shed for dad – sounds like an picture perfect postcard of postwar Australian domestic bliss? The Museum of Timeless Memories in Sale, tells an archaeological tale of a nation built on hardship, coming of age through consumerism, convenience and a golden age for mass manufacturing. Our Australian heritage and identity is conveyed through a mind blowing private collection of 20th century objects.

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The Sir Henry Royce Foundation

The principle objective of the Sir Henry Royce Foundation is to honour the life and work of Frederick Henry, later Sir Henry Royce (1863-1933), to publicise, preserve and maintain examples of his engineering genius and to perpetuate his engineering philosophy, namely the pursuit of excellence.

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The Henry Royce Foundation, Queensland Branch

Australia is a vast country with population centres thousands of kilometres apart in different States. As the Archives of the Sir Henry Royce Foundation are housed in Melbourne, Victoria, it was decided that Sub-Archives be established in Queensland. In Brisbane, items with special Queensland provenance will be housed along with any copies of Archival material from Melbourne. Details of all Queensland catalogued items are forwarded to the Archivist for the central database of the SHRF.

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Shepparton Motor Museum

Shepparton has a long history of driving; it is the home of the original Driver Education Centre Australia (DECA), is a major Australian transport hub carrying the produce of the region throughout the country and has one of Australia’s highest levels of collector car ownership. The museum is a living collection and is constantly growing to help ensure our motoring history is preserved for future generations. As well as regular exhibitions throughout the year, a new selection from the collection is curated for display four times per year.

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Sydney Bus Museum

The Sydney Bus Museum is a not-for-profit organisation first established in 1986 at Tempe, and now permanently based within the Old Tramshed at Leichhardt in Sydney's inner-west. We are a working museum made up of over 250 members who together help to preserve a rare, and invaluable collection of historic buses dating from the 1920s to 1980s.

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Campe's Motor Museum

Campes Motor Museum is every motor enthusiast’s dream come true. Founded more than three decades ago, the museum is home to vintage cars and an array of motor memorabilia. Today, the museum celebrates cars, vans and motorbikes by displaying them in their large exhibition shed. Some of the most notable attractions on site include a 1955 Ansett Clipper Bus, a Citroen 1933 and a stunning Stutz 1929.

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Frank Partridge VC Military Museum

A tour of the Frank Partridge VC Military Museum takes you on a journey that leads from the trench warfare of WWI to twenty-first century combat technology. Located in the historic town of Bowraville, its collections cover all of Australia's armed services and its displays of armoury, uniforms, medals, vehicles, art, publications and memorabilia are the largest on the Mid North Coast.

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