South America

Agromen Museum of Agriculture, Automobiles, Trucks and Carriages

Original name: 
Museus Agromen de Maquinas Agrícolas, Automóveis, Caminhões e Carruagens

Three pavillons are filled with different vehicles

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Roberto Lee Museum

Original name: 
Museu Paulista de Antiguidades Mecânicas Roberto Eduardo Lee

The museum emerged from a private collection of automobiles and other mechanical parts acquired by entrepreneur Roberto Eduardo Lee, since 1948.

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Museum of the Paraguayan Touring and Automobile Club

Original name: 
Museo Del Touring y Automovil Club Paraguayo

A museum which among others exhibits the automobile considered the oldest in the country, which belonged to Dr. Andrés Barbero.

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Automobile Museum at Termas de Rio Hondo

Original name: 
Museo del Automóvil de Termas de Río Hondo

The Río Hondo circuit hosts a museum, which features 22 historical racing cars, including Jean Alesi's 1996 Benetton-Renault Forma 1 racer.

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Museum of Touring Racing

Original name: 
Museo del Turismo Carretera

The peculiarity of this museum, located in the Autodromo de La Plata, is that all its cars are as they competed, with the original engine and in all cases can be used anywhere in the country. The museum arose out of Hugo Mazzacane's passion and now counts over 70 vehicles.

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Automobile Museum, Buenos Aires

Original name: 
Museo del Automovil, Ciudad de Buenos Aires

50 classic and old cars are exhibited surrounded by scenographies that recreate the city from decades ago, as well as midgets that ran on the Western railway, plus Speedway motorcycles and other things.

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Classic Vehicle Museum, Tandil

Original name: 
Museo Vehículos de Época Tandil

A cross between a museum and a scrapyard - around the museum you can see plenty of rusty old cars, while inside you can see a nice selection of classic cars.

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Omar Roglich Museum

Original name: 
Petit Museo, Omar Roglich

Dr Omar Roglich's small personal collection of cars, motorcycles and automobilia was opened in late, 2010

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Automobile Museum, Rau Collection

Original name: 
Museo del Automovil "Colección Rau"

Jorge and Cecilio Pablo Rau bought their first car, a 1927 Ford Model T when they were 18- and 20-year-old respectively. Eventually their lifelong dream of collecting has been turned into a museum which was opened in 2006. The 450 sqm place is filled with cars, motorcycles and automobilia.

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Jalopy Museum "Reniero Bressan"

Original name: 
Museu do Calhambeque "Reniero Bressan"

Reniero Bressan was a master Ford mechanic. He died in 2001 and today his work is commemorated in this collection of 35 cars, mainly Ford models, but there are one or two other brands shown.

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