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Heart of Route 66 Auto Museum

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The Heart of Route 66 Auto Museum houses vintage cars, special interest cars, motorcycles and a host of car memorabilia. Our 66-foot gas pump has also been completed. It’s BIG! In fact it is the WORLD’S LARGEST!

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British Transportation Museum

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The British Transportation Museum was founded in 1998 by Dick Smith, Mike Edgerton, John Wolf and Mike Smith. The main mission of the museum is to preserve British transportation in America through education and preservation. The museum strives on community outreach, educating all those whom pass through its doors. We have collaborations with many local groups, such as local car clubs focused on Minis and Triumph. One of our biggest collaborators is University of Dayton, where students will come by weekly to maintain some of the cars in the fleet.

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Cliff's Museum of Car Memorabilia

Cliff's Museum of Car Memorabilia is presented as a mid-40's car dealership with WWII era auto-related memorabilia with showroom, parts room, repair shop and large collection display room. A small restaurant display is included featuring a Coca Cola collection and a porcelain doll collection.

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Yanke Motor Museum

Small private collection

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Motte Historical Museum

Once a produce market from the mid 1980's to the late 1990's, it is now a museum hosting the Motte Family Car Collection and the History of the Valley.

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Bickford Collection

An open air Pavillion and courtyard filled with a collection of old antique trucks and equipment put together by Erving Bickford.

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Four States Auto Museum

A lovely collection of classic cars across most automotive eras.

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Tucson Auto Museum

Our mission at the Tucson Auto Museum is to showcase the very old, the iconic (hard not to fall in love with our mid-century classic Cadillacs, Desotos, Hudsons and Packards), the sporty (picture yourself behind the wheel of one of our classic Corvettes, Thunderbirds, MGs or Triumphs), the unique (ever see a car with just one door—and it is in the front?!) and more. You can even go Back to the Future in our shiny, stainless steel Deloreon.

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Maine Classic Car Museum

Opened in 2019 along with a display of 160 rare and classic automobiles, there’s a collection of vintage postcards, displays of antique automobile advertising, antique gasoline pumps and filling station signs, a collection of antique toy Pez dispensers, Matchbox cars, old Maine and early 20th century global license plates, and local Kennebunk, Kennebunkport and Arundel memorabilia.

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Cadillac - Lasalle Club Museum & Research Center

The 10,000 sq. ft. Cadillac-LaSalle Club Museum and Research Center opened at the Gilmore Car Museum on September 28, 2014 and serves as the permanent home of the organization’s collection of automobiles, display engines, and artifacts. The museum is modeled after a 1948 dealership design from the pages of General Motors book “Planning Automobile Dealer Properties” of that year.

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