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The Hemken Collection

The museum is housed in a 1901 historic building with a 2001 addition. In addition to 65+ automobiles, special displays include service station memorabilia, vintage signs, pedal cars, bicycles, toys, and household items from the 1940s.

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Land Cruiser Heritage Museum

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The goal of the museum is to acquire and display one of every model of Land Cruiser ever produced, which is well over 100 models. Private collectors and Land Cruiser enthusiasts have loaned the Museum vehicles, vintage owner’s manuals, over 1000 scale models, tool kits, marketing materials, memorabilia and artwork, all of which are on display.

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Mid America Museum of Aviation & Transportation

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Take a step back into history and encounter unique artifacts and exhibits that help tell the exciting story of aviation and transportation in our lives. Explore a wide variety of displays and exhibits of full size aircraft and surface transportation from bicycles to vintage automobiles, Vietnam Huey helicopter, and even a Boeing 727-200!
The most viewed display is that of the United Airlines Flight 232, where you will find the amazing story of a plane that crash landed in 1989 in Sioux City.

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Kline Museum

100 Years of history in Prescott, IA. Antique tractors, autos and memorabilia of years go by. Featuring a rare Carter Car.

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Dream Riderz

Dream Riderz is a private collection of automobiles featuring everything from motorcycles to muscle cars to supercars. The museum houses 82 vehicles, but with the whole collection totaling well over 200, a number of them enter and leave storage monthly.

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Elliott Museum

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The Elliott Museum offers a variety of collections, including vintage cars, baseball artifacts, artwork, Americana, rotating exhibits in the Changing Exhibitions Gallery, a theater, a tribute to local philanthropists Frances Langford and Ralph Evinrude, a Museum Store, a student art exhibit, and much more.

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American Muscle Car Museum

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Located in Melbourne, Florida, this 123,000 square foot complex houses the collection of Mark Pieloch. Mark has been a car enthusiast for over 40 years and has amassed over 325+ cars that range from classic 1950s to 1970’s American muscle cars, to modern “sophisticated” muscle like a 2019 Ford GT.

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War Eagles Air Museum

War Eagles Air Museum features one of the largest collections of historic military and civilian aircraft, classic automobiles, and aviation and automotive artifacts in the Southwest. Many of the 36 World War II, Korean War and Vietnam-era aircraft on display are of great historical significance. Inside the huge exhibit hanger you’ll take a trip back in time as you stroll among the professionally restored American, British, German and Soviet aircraft. We maintain many of them in flyable condition. If you’re lucky, you may see and hear an engine run-up or a test flight.

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Russell's Travel Center

Located on Historic Route 66, Russell's Travel Center is a State of the Art Facility. A complete grocery store, an authentic Route 66 Diner, a classic car and memorabilia museum, a chapel, and the best showers on the planet. The list of amenities goes on and on

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Lewis Antique Auto & Toy Museum

Archie Lewis' collection of cars, toy trains, trucks and more

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