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Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer

For more than forty years, Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer has given visitors a glimpse of pioneer life. The auto display includes 15 antique automobiles, including buggies, a 1909 Model T, a 1913 Overland and a 1903 American. This exhibit reflects the birth and evolution of the state's agricultural heritage.

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Yellowstone National Park Historic Vehicle Collection

Yellowstone National Park's historic vehicle collection currently includes thirty horse-drawn and motorized vehicles. They range from stagecoaches operated by the Yellowstone Park Transportation Company (YPT Co., later the Yellowstone Park Company) and Monida and Yellowstone Stage Company (later the Yellowstone-Western Stage Company), to early YPT Co. touring cars, buses, and service trucks, to National Park Service (NPS) scooters and a fire engine.

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Montana Auto Museum

The Montana Auto Museum offers a splendid display of automotive history. Too many to list, but too much to miss, is a visit to the car museum in the Old Prison Museum Complex. Over 160 cars are on display from classic Chevys and muscle cars to a Schacht high wheeler.

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The National Museum of Transportation

The National Museum of Transportation in St. Louis has a rail and transit collection of more than 190 major exhibits. The Museum is a great place for families and friends to spend the day.

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Patee House Museum

Patee House Museum features two full floors of exhibits. Inside Patee House, you can climb aboard an 1860 train and ride the vintage "Wild Thing" carousel. The museum also houses an 1877 railroad depot, stagecoach, cars, trucks, fire trucks, wagons, buggies and carriages, Jeeps, a racecar, horse-drawn hearses and a real gallows, a blacksmith shop, dressmaker's shop, model railroads, antique furniture and toys.

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Miracle of America Museum

The Miracle of America Museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of one of the largest collections of American history. Gil & Joanne Mangels founded the Miracle of America Museum in 1981.
Over the years the collection has grown and has received overwhelming support from the surrounding community and visitors that come from all over the world. The current collection contains thousands of artifacts scattered throughout dozens of buildings and is open year round.

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Michigan Firehouse Museum

The Museum was founded in 1998 with a mission to preserve firefighting history and promote fire safety and prevention. Located in Ypsilanti’s historic district, the Museum comprises the city’s original firehouse and an additional 12,000 square foot exhibit area. Displays within the Museum are filled with unique firefighting apparatus, hardware and history. The 12,000 square foot exhibit area houses a history of hand, horse and engine propelled fire fighting vehicles and equipment. Our collection also includes fire extinguishers, emblems, hats, helmets, patches.

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Auto World Museum

The Auto World Museum in Fulton, Missuori features Mr. William E. Backer’s vintage automobile collection and reflects his and his daughter’s, Vicki Backer McDaniel’s vision. A "home grown" engineer, Bill is a highly successful local manufacturer, businessman, and automobile collector. Bill spent his life collecting the amazing cars he loves. He has now entrusted this remarkable collection to our foundation to insure these automotive treasures are preserved and available all to see.

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Sloan Museum at Courtland

Sloan Museum's Buick Gallery and Research Center features over 25 classic and concept Buicks, Chevrolets and other locally built automobiles. Regular feature cars exhibited include our five concept cars designed by Buick: 1951 XP-300, 1954 Wildcat II, 1956 Centurion, 1963 Silver Arrow I, and 1977 Phantom.

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Automotive Hall of Fame

"The Automotive Hall of Fame is both a visitor attraction and an educational resource for inspiring others to higher levels of achievement in their own work and lives. Visitors will experience automotive history through visual and interactive exhibits, automobiles and authentic artifacts"

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