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Roadside America Museum

Private collection of Carroll Estes featuring 40s and 50s advertising memorabilia, classic cars, and nostalgic Americana.

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Terrill Antique Car Museum

Visit the Pre-WWII car collection. Museum is funded by donations and does not charge an admission. Restored cars include one of a kind, Coffin Steam Carriage, Crow-Elkhart Cloverleaf, REO Speedwagon 3/4 ton truck and more.

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Horton Classic Car Museum

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The Horton Classic Car Museum is housed in what once was the town's Ford dealership. Over 120 cars are contained in the collection, which largely focuses on American vintage, classic and muscle cars. Over 40 Corvettes are part of the collection, featuring nearly every year of production between 1953 and 1978. Several 1950's era convertibles are also included, along with many 1950s Senior Award winners from the Chevy and Pontiac Nationals.

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Northeast Dirt Modified Museum and Hall of Fame

The Northeast Dirt Modified Museum and Hall of Fame was established in 1992, to showcase the rich and storied history of Modified stock car competition on the Northeastern oval dirt tracks — the cars, drivers, owners, mechanics, builders, promoters, media members and memorabilia of the sport.

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America on Wheels Museum

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Features 23,000 square feet of exhibit space and includes cars, racing vehicles, trucks, alternate fuel vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles. T

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Bruce A. Elder Antique and Classic Automobiles

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Located in the downtown historic district of Staunton, VA, Bruce A. Elder Antique And Classic Automobiles displays important automobiles from the dawn of motoring through the muscle car era. Housed in the famous Beverley Garage Building, constructed in 1911 as "The Finest Garage In The South", visitors can tour an ever-changing collection of rare and exciting vehicles spanning nearly 100 years.

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U.S. Army Transportation Museum

The story of the Army's Transportation Corps, from horse-drawn wagons of the Revolutionary War to armoured vehicles being used today, is told through exhibits, models and dioramas.
The museum's artifact collection numbers just under 7,000 objects, plus another 1,000 exhibit props. The collection includes nearly 100 macro artifacts ranging from planes, helicopters, tugboats, and landing craft to trucks, jeeps, hovercraft and trains.

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Museum of Off Road Adventure

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The Museum of Off Road Adventure collection includes a one-of-a-kind early 4×4 fire truck, some vintage Japanese 4×4’s, unique military vehicles, and much more

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Ford Piquette Avenue Plant

Preserving the automotive history of Detroit, the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant showcases the vehicles and automotive pioneers of the past. The Ford Piquette Avenue Plant was the first factory owned and built by the Ford Motor Company in 1904. Henry Ford's beloved Model T was innovative yet inexpensive. The Model T was designed at the Piquette Avenue Plant and the first 12,000 Model T's were built here. It was the first automobile factory were more than 100 cars were produced in a single day.

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Keystone Truck & Tractor Museum

Keystone Antique Truck & Tractor Museum is conveniently located just 30 minutes from Richmond, Virginia. Encompassing more than 70,000 square feet, Keystone Antique Truck & Tractor Museum showcases 150+ Antique Tractors and 60+ Antique Trucks (Mack, Peterbilt, Diamond T, Kenworth, White, Brockway and many more). Also, vintage fire Trucks and vintage collectible cars are shown.

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