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Automotive Hall of Fame

"The Automotive Hall of Fame is both a visitor attraction and an educational resource for inspiring others to higher levels of achievement in their own work and lives. Visitors will experience automotive history through visual and interactive exhibits, automobiles and authentic artifacts. To educate and encourage the next generation of industry participants, school groups can visit the Automotive Hall of Fame at a discounted rate."
The Automotive Hall of Fame is located close to The Henry Ford Museum.

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Motorsports Hall of Fame of America & Museum

Motorsport events have a vast history worldwide. The Motorsports Museum, currently located at the Detroit Science Center, chronicles the personalities, manufacturers and machines of all types of racing. Exhibits include Indy Cars, stock cars, sports cars, dragsters, race trucks and openwheelers. Among these exhibits are champion and record holding race vehicles.
The Motorsports Museum exhibits change periodically.

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General Motors Heritage Center

A non-descriptive building in Sterling Heights hides the in-house collection of General Motors.
The heritage collection is made up of approx. 600 cars and trucks. The ever-changing display shows only a fraction of those, but anyone visiting Detroit would be a fool to leave this one out.

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Antique Toy and Firehouse Museum

This museum, located in Bay City, Michigan, is home to over 60 motorized fire trucks – the largest collection of fire trucks in the world. The museum also contains more than 12,000 antique and collectible toys, many of them fire, police and rescue vehicles.

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The Henry Ford Museum

"It began as a simple yet bold idea to document the genius of ordinary people by recognizing and preserving the objects they used in the course of their everyday lives. It grew into the ultimate place to explore what Americans past and present have imagined and invented — a remarkable destination that brings American ideas and innovations to life. The sheer scope and design of Henry Ford Museum is as grand as the vision that inspired it.

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Ye Ole Carriage Shop

A unique museum featuring "Jackson made" automobiles and a large Coca~Cola collection.
"Antique and Classic cars are surrounded by a spectacular display of original gas and oil pieces. Several rare "one and only" Jackson made cars are housed here, as well as other Jackson memories. A 1915 Soda Bar is the setting for the unusual collection of Coca~Cola memorabilia. Pedal Cars are found throughout the museum and in the Toy Room."

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Gilmore Car Museum

" The Gilmore Car Museum began in 1963 as the hobby of Donald S. Gilmore when his wife, Genevieve, gave him an antique car for his birthday —a 1920 Pierce-Arrow “project car.” With the help of some friends, the auto was placed under a tent and a full restoration followed. The hobby soon grew into a collection of over 30 automobiles. It was Mr. Gilmore’s wife who suggested the idea of turning the collection into a museum where future generations could enjoy the restored cars for years to come.

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R.E. Olds Transportation Museum

"Lansing, Michigan is a city with over a century of building great cars, a lifetime of automobile innovation, and an outstanding destination. Drive into history at our unique R. E. Olds Transportation Museum. Explore what we have to offer as we celebrate automotive manufacturing history.
From rare vehicles like REO, Star, Durant, and Viking to classic Oldsmobiles, buggies, bicycles, trucks and engines — enjoy the excitement of transportation history."

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Tupelo Automobile Museum

Featuring 120,000 square feet of automobile displays and open viewing restoration bays. Over 100 antique, classic and collectible automobiles, chronologically displayed, illustrate the progress of over 100 years of automobile design and engineering. Your self-guided tour begins with an 1886 Benz, representing the birth of the automobile, and culminates with a never-driven 1994 Dodge Viper.

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Firefighters Hall & Museum

"The Firefighter's Hall and Museum, in Northeast Minneapolis, is dedicated to preserving vintage firefighting equipment. The museum cares for a horse-drawn pumper, a beautiful brass stream-powered fire engine, fire trucks from the 1930s, and many more fire trucks and fire engines dating back 100 years." - from About com: Minneapolis

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