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Automobile and Transportation Museum Monterrey

Original name: 
Museo de Autos y Transporte Monterrey

A private collection, showcasing 63 cars made between 1902-1960s.

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Puebla Automobile Museum

Original name: 
Museo del Automóvil de Puebla

This museum which was set up by a local classic car club is now extended. It is not includes a new space, which has three permanent rooms in which various iconic cars of the Volkswagen and Audi brands are exhibited, which are an important part of the history of the Automotive Industry in Puebla.

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Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition

"Our collection features over 250 antique, vintage and relevant models spanning over 114 years representing 59 different makes of motorcycles from all over the world. Founded by Trev Deeley, the exhibition represents a life-long passion for the sport of motorcycling. Through the generous support of Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada and its owners, Trev’s legacy continues and thrives."

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L'Epope de La Moto

"The Museum is the property of brothers François and Jean Gagnon and is the fruit of a long-standing passion shared by both brothers who have been collecting motorcycles for over 30 years. Their goal is to assemble a collection containing specimens from each period. Today, their exceptional collection contains 140 motorcycles, mopeds and scooters, of which 100 are currently on display."

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Automobile Driving Museum

The Automobile Driving Museum is among the most exceptional museums of its kind. Displaying more than 70 cars of many makes and spanning the years, our collection is one of beauty as well as educational. While visiting the museum, not only do you have the special opportunity to view the showcased automobiles but you also have the opportunity to sit in them to get the feel of what it was like to drive these classics. On weekend visits, there are select automobiles that are available for our visitors over the age of 10 to ride in.

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The Moto Museum

Steve Smith's private collection of rare and vintage motorcycles from the many European manufacturers, that existed before 1975, all the way back to the beginning of motorcycling around 1900

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Bill's Old Bike Barn

"Nestled in a wooded grove behind his shop of 40 years Bill Morris started to fulfill his life long dream. Bill's Old Bike Barn was born. Ten years later we have over 100 amazing vintage motorcycles and more than 50,000 square feet dripping with some of the most extraordinary antiques from all around the world.
The 1939 German Kattenkrad, 1913 Harley Silent Grey Fellow, 1914 Triumph have taken their place along with vintage European carousel horses and pristine Moto Guzzi's and our latest acquisition the 1909 Peugot."

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Lone Star Motorcycle Museum

"We display a wonderful collection of machines from around the world dating from the 1910's to modern."

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Kansas Motorcycle Museum

The Kansas Motorcycle Museum is home to over 100 vintage and rare motorcycles of all various makes and models. It also has numerous motorcycle racing memorabilia, photos, posters, and much, much more! The museum was started in 2003 as a local tribute to Marquette's own motorcycle racing legend and FIVE TIME National Racing Champion, "Stan the Man" Engdahl.

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National Motorcycle Museum

Opened in 1989, the National Motorcycle Museum now boasts a display of over 200 motorcycles, ranging from rare one of a kind antique motorcycles to custom choppers and vintage models from the United States and abroad.

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