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Audrain Automobile Museum

The Audrain Automobile Museum was established in 2014 with the mission of preserving and presenting Newport's automotive history while connecting and engaging with other local non-profits and the community as a whole. With access to collections of over 2000 cars, the Museum presents three curated thematic exhibits per year that runs parallel with American history. The Museum is unique in the way that it remains committed to telling stories that connect the history of automobiles with American culture.

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Frontier Relics & Auto Museum

Frontier Auto Museum is preserving the history and nest-alga of the automotive & transportation industry through the private collection of Leon & Jeff Wandler. Leon started this collection because of his love for Hudson cars, which is the main focus of the museum today.

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Seiverling Museum

Original name: 
Seiverling Antique Car and Pedal Car Museum

One of the largest toy pedal car collections in Eastern Pennsylvania, 140 in all owned by and operated by Seiverling Museum, LLC. The Museum and Collection were started as early as 1991 by Richard and Ethel Seiverling, with 5 Classic cars and one pedal car, and in the next 15 years the collection has changed to 3 Classic cars and as high as 162 pedal cars from all over the world

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Martin Auto Museum

Created in 2005, the Martin Auto Museum is the brainchild of owner and founder Mel Martin. Mel saw a need to share a collection of vehicles that represent significant periods in automotive history.
At the Museum, visitors can view history through the decades in this vast collection. There are a number of race cars and one-of-a-kind vehicles to excite any automotive, art or history enthusiast.

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Yesterday's Restoration at Historic Harley-Davidson

See 30 different and rare Harley-Davidsons, along with many pictures, tools, and collectibles displaying the store's history, as well as Harley-Davidsons.

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Kansas Oil Museum

The Kansas Oil Museum is the one of the largest museums in the state with a focus on the history of America's early 20th-century oil industry. We also preserve and interpret the history of Butler County, Kansas, from the earliest days of the Native American tribes and the pioneers, to small-town and ranch life of the 1900s.

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McLeod Farms Antique Museum

Take a stroll down memory lane at the Macs Pride Farm Museum where visiting the past is fun! The museum is home to over 20 antique cars, including a 1920 McLaughlin, 1930 Lincoln, Model T's and Model A's.

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Jim's Antique Motor Co.

Jim's Antique Motor Co. is a living museum for 1954 Ford Crown Victorias, Mercury Sun Valleys, related models and Ford memorabilia. Owner Jim Still has collected and refurbished these vehicles for decades, painstakingly restoring them to a condition that has attracted the attention of national car clubs, car collector magazines and other dedicated hobbyists.

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LeMay Family Collection at Marymount

There's the "big" LeMay Museum and then there's the slightly smaller, but no less interesting LeMay Family Collection at the Marymount Event Center showcasing over 500 vintage vehicles - primarily American-made cars, trucks, buses, fire engines, motorcycles, and more. The LeMay Family Collection, which was started by Harold & Nancy LeMay, was recognized as the largest privately-held collection of vehicles in the world, and it continues to grow.

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D W Correll Museum

The museum consists two large buildings. The first building houses antique automobiles restored by Mr. Correll and other interesting artifacts from the history of transportation.

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