Tülömsaş Museum

Original name: 
Tülömsaş Müzesi

TÜLOMSAŞ is a locomotive and wagon builder in Turkey. It is the main locomotive supplier of the Turkish State Railways. It has also developed the Devrim, the first Turkish national car in the 1960s. An early prototype is now displayed in the company's history collection.

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Automobile Museum Šimanovci

Original name: 
Muzej automobila Šimanovci

The collection of Predrag Obradović is focused on BMW, especially on the big coupes such as models 503, 2000 CS, 3.0 CS, E24 635 SCI, E31 850csi

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Key Museum

The main collection of the Key Museum, which is built on an area of 7000 square meters, consists of 75 classic cars and 40 classic motorcycles. Apart from these, the museum includes 2550 model cars, 300 automobile mascots (bonnet emblem), and a Shell Gas Station created with original equipment collected from the early 1900s to the 1960s.

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Automobile Museum, Canela

Original name: 
Museu do Automóvel de Canela

More than 40 vehicles from the 20s to the 80s, more than 600 miniatures, beautiful collection of gas pumps, pedal car, porcelain plates, neon's, watches, bar and shop, all in an air-conditioned environment.

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Bauska Motor Museum

Original name: 
Bauskas motormuzejs

A nice subsidiary of the Riga Motor Museum the Bauska Motor Museums features four historic vehicle collections. On the second floor the museum displays an authentic carpenter’s workshop and a 1930s landlord’s rooms interior. Temporary exhibitions and other events are being held on the second floor of the museum.

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If you are interested and passionate about antique cars then there’s a huge collection of unique cars at LaitseRallyPark. The collection includes around 50 beauties from which some of them are used for fun and wedding rides from spring to autumn period.

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MOMU Motor Sports Museum

Original name: 
MOMU Mootorispordi Muuseum

If you would like to learn more about motor sport and about Estonian history, you should visit the MOMU, Estonian Motor Sport Museum, located in Ellamaa Power Station, as it is a unique combination of a historical building and an exhibition of rare racing equipment. Here, you can see the first racing motorcycle built in Estonia, as well as newer formula and rally cars. The museum was created with real enthusiasm and every car or motor sport enthusiast, as well as those who are not true fans of motor sport will surely find something exciting to explore here.

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Estonian Museum of Old Technology

Original name: 
Eesti Vanatehnika Muuseum
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One of the largest private car museums in the Czech Republic was launched in 2015. It is located 17 km from Benešov and 50 km from Prague. Visitors will have the opportunity to admire almost a hundred cars from the period 1948-1989. The museum thus presents a comprehensive collection of vehicles that we may have encountered on our roads in the second half of the last century.

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Old Car Museum Kiskőrös

A small but nice collection of various classic cars

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