Mybergs Workshop

Original name: 
Myrbergs Verkstadssällskap

An old garage was recreated by a local classic car club to show future generations, how a workshop operated in the early years of motoring. It is used by the local classic car club for meetings.

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Sagabodens Motorcycle Museum

Original name: 
Sagabodens mc-museum

Here are over 50 motorcycles and about 20 scooters from all over the world. Also an exhibition with utensils and handicraft shops with Sami crafts and a Nordic cafe and food service with overnight stay.

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Lennart Magnusson Motorcycle Museum

Original name: 
Lennart Magnusson Motorcykelmuseum

This wonderful motorbike museum is located in a culturally rich environment in the middle of Västergötland. It is run on a completely voluntary basis by four enthusiasts with a genuine interest in motorbikes.
The museum has over 120 veteran bikes, the oldest, a german Wanderer from 1904. The standard machines are from 50 to 750 cc.

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Tidaholms Museum

This museum houses a collection of commercial vehicles from local manufacturer, Tidaholms Bruk.

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Technology and Maritime House

Original name: 
Teknikens och Sjöfartens hus

The technology and maritime museum in Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city, illustrates many aspects of engineering, particularly those relating to transport. It is housed in a building of the 1950s which has extensions to give access to one of its chief attractions – a Class U3 submarine of the Swedish Navy. Visitors can go through the whole vessel and most are impressed by the confined spaces in which submariners had to work.

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Original name: 
The 50s Museum och Nostalgicafé

"Here are different nostalgic exhibitions with original and reconstructed cars, mopeds, toys, radios, televisions, jukeboxes, gasoline pumps, tractors, country stores, car repair shop, household gods and a lot of more things - everything from the 50´s."

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The Westin Grand Frankfurt

If you ever get to Frankfurt, don't forget to check out Hotel Westin, a rather elegant, 5-star hotel.
At the lobby there are at least a dozen classic cars, including a BMW 328, a Cadillac, a Ihle-bodied Dixi and many more.

Total votes: 464

Artstetten Castle

Original name: 
Schloss Artstetten

The Archduke Francis Ferdinand Museum, a Habsburg emperor whose assasination prompted the outbreak of the 1st World War lived in this castle.
The museum features a lot of his personal possessions and at the entrance there are two Gräf&Stift cars.

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Allan Söderström collection

Original name: 
Allan Söderströms Automobiler

A significant private collection which is not open to the public.

Total votes: 513

Johanna Museum

Original name: 

The Johanna Museum shows classic cars, motorcycles, everyday appliances, musical instruments, toys and more.

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