Mario Pedrali Collection

Original name: 
Collezione Mario Pedrali

Mario Pedrali's extensive collection of old typewriters and motorcycles, focusing on Sterzi.

Total votes: 538

Benelli Museum

Original name: 
Officine Benelli

Officine Benelli is a restoration workshop with a museum where 150 motorcycles are exhibited.

Total votes: 530

Piaggio Museum

Original name: 
Museo Piaggio

The Piaggio Museum is the largest and most comprehensive Italian museum dedicated to two wheels, including many unique examples that do not just tell of the history of the Piaggio Group and its brands, but also trace the history of a country’s mobility and industrial and social development.

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Graziano Dainelli Collection

Original name: 
Collezione Dainelli

A nice collection of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, made between 1920-1945

Total votes: 565

Giorgio Notari Collection

Notari is dealing with Vespa parts, but also collects and exhibits these scooters

Total votes: 547

Mille Miglia Museum

Original name: 
Museo 1000 Miglia

The Museum stands out from other automobile museums precisely because of its location at this hugely important historic site. The Mille Miglia Museum is the guardian of history there, telling its legendary story and providing living testament, day after day, to that period of the region’s past.

You voted 4. Total votes: 591

Moto Guzzi Motorcycle Museum

Original name: 
Museo del Motociclo Moto Guzzi

This factory museum is lined with dozens of motorcycles representing the rich history of Moto Guzzi motorcycles.

Total votes: 557

Lamborghini Museum - MUDETEC

The Lamborghini Museum at Sant’Agata Bolognese has adopted a new look and become MUDETEC, the Museum of Technology in 2019. A program takes visitors on a journey of discovery through the brand and its revolutionary masterpieces: each the result of ongoing investment in research and development and its huge contribution to Automobili Lamborghini.

Total votes: 537

Pizzeria el Selvatico

In addition to a nice meal, you can enjoy plenty of old motorcycles on the first floor of this pizzeria.

Total votes: 532

Scooter and Lambretta Museum

Original name: 
Museo dello Scooter & Lambretta

Vittorio Tessera's collection of Lambretta and other scooters

You voted 2. Total votes: 569


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