Tatra Museum

Oskar Pitsch (1918-2008), a collegaue legendary Tatra designer, Hans Ledvinka. After the 2nd World War he had to fled Czechoslovakia and he found his new home at Steinabrückl, 40 km from Vienna. His collection of Tatra cars is now being looked after by the Oldtimer Club Niederösterreich

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Johann Puch Museum Graz

Johann Puch’s attempt to create his own automobile engineering business met with great success. Today, nearly everybody recognises the Puch brand and logo. At the Johann Puch Museum visitors can appreciate everything bearing the Puch name, from vintage cars through to the new sport utility vehicle. Cars, motorbikes, mopeds and bicycles, but also original wooden models, cutaway models from past and present, together with a wealth of images combine to tell the “moving” story of the Puch brand.

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Vötters Vehicle Museum

Original name: 
Vötters Fahrzeugmuseum

This private museum displays all kinds of vehicles - cars, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles and tractors, and other rarities. There are about 150 vehicles, including a Messerschmitt Kabinroller, a BMW 600 and many more.

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Siegfried Marcus Automobil-museum Stockerau

The collection focuses on historical and classic automobiles from Austrian, German and English production. The museum is open in the winter months - from November to March and there are always special exhibitions based on anniversaries and important historical dates. In addition to cars, Puch motorcycles are shown in the gallery.

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Vehicle Museum at Villach

Original name: 
Villacher Fahrzeugmuseum

"On a surface of 1000 m2 there are more cars, motorcycles, scooters, mopeds and motor-assisted bicycles. Not only the rarest vehicles, but things we all remember - and so do our parents, grandparents and friends. We show everyday vehicles of former days, that already became vintage cars. More than 240 exhibits from 1927 to 1990. New exhibition objects every year. Pure enthusiasm! "

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Chez Manuel - Museum of Popular Art

Original name: 
Chez Manuel - Musée d'Art Populaire

A very different kind of museum ... housing old cars, toys, tractors, military equipment, gramophones, dolls, and ornaments.
Nostalgic memorabilia including old advertisements, one of the very first Michaux bicycles, a Thai rickshaw, a 1947 Plymouth car, a 1924 fire-engine, a Merlin steam machine, a Sikorsky helicopter, a percolator, a Ford Model T, and a whole lot more.

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Lyon & Rhône Firemen's Museum

Original name: 
Le Musée des sapeurs-pompiers de Lyon et du Rhône

Today, the Lyon & Rhône Firemen's Museum is one of the most important of its kind, both in France and in Europe.
The Museum is divided into four main parts :
- Antique Pumps & Trailer pumps
- Hall of Fame
- Miscellaneous & Fire Gear
- Fire Engines & Motorized

The latter is a major collection, counting more than a hundred vehicles, which have presently been repaired or are in the process of being so. This exhibition shows a broad selection of vehicles dating from the beginning of the XXth century until the 70's (displayed in two different parts of the Museum).

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Klopeinersee Motorcycle Museum

Original name: 
Motorrad-Museum Klopeinersee

Gerhard Hanschitz's private collection of motorcycles

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Max Reisch Collection

Original name: 
Sammlung Max Reisch

Max Reisch (1912-1985) was a geographer, an adventurer, a travel writer and a sports motorist from Austria. His life and work is being celebrated in this museum, which features many of his cars and motorcycles used during his extensive trips.

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Puch Museum Wieser

A private collection of over 70 motorcycles - 40 of them Puch.

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