Classic Car and Motorcycle Museum of Christine & Rupert

Original name: 
Christine & Rupert's Bike-Oldtimer-Motorradmuseum und Generations-Schätze-Museum

Over 85 years of motorcycle history with about 40 restored specimens,

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Ludwig Elsbett was an engineer and inventor. In the 1970s he devised an engine which ran on vegetable oil. This museum commemorates his life and work.

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Fire Museum Erlauf

Original name: 
Erlauftaler Feuerwehrmuseum

Local fire museum with a few fire engines from the 1940s and 1950s.

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A private motorcycle collection, which also features automobilia, old radios and more.

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Laxenburg Fire Museum

Original name: 
Museum der Freiwilligen Feuerwehr Laxenbug

Local fire museum, which displays a Fiat fire engine.

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Nostalgia on Wheels Museum

Original name: 
Nostalgie auf Rädern Oldtimer Museum

On a space of 1700 sqm around 100 historic automobiles, motorcycles, mopeds, motors of various designs, bicycles, old radios, televisions and all sorts of other equipment from different eras (approx. 1920–1990 ) are being shown.

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Museum of Vehicles, Technology and Aviation Bad Ischl

Original name: 
Museum Fahrzeug Technik Luftfahrt Bad Ischl

The museum holds historic motorbikes, cars, helicopters and even airplanes. This technology museum is the result of a private initiative in the 90ies. It is located on the shores of Traun River. Some 300 exhibits (civil vehicles and devices, agriculture and military airplanes and aircrafts) are presented in a vast hall.

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Volkswagen Beetle Museum Gaal

Original name: 
VW-Käfermuseum Gaal

The VW-bug-museum in Gaal / Styria presents this cult-vehicle in its total multiplicity - with wonderful exhibits of the beginning until the renaissance of the legend.

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Museum of Military History

Original name: 
Heeresgeschichtliches Museum

The Military History Museum was built according to plans of Ludwig Foerster and Theophil Hansen from 1850 to 1856 and was thus the first Viennese museum.
In five major sections the museum shows the history of the Habsburg empire from the end of the 16th century until 1918 and Austria's fate after the dissolution of the monarchy up to the year 1945.
The Sarajevo Room is dominated by three objects: the automobile in which the heir to the throne Francis Ferdinand and his wife were shot in 1914, the blood-stained uniform of the Archduke and the chaiselongue on which he died.

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Rolls-Royce Museum

Franz Vonier's private collection is the biggest Rolls-Royce museum in the world. It is operated with authorization from the factory itself!

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