Poissy Automobile Collection

Original name: 
Collection de l'Aventure Automobile à Poissy

Today Peugeot has an assembly facility in Poissy, which originally belonged to Ford Fance in the 1930s. This important collection traces the history of the site, with a display of French Ford, Simca, Chrysler and Peugeot cars

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Classic Car and Motorcycle Museum of Christine & Rupert

Original name: 
Christine & Rupert's Bike-Oldtimer-Motorradmuseum und Generations-Schätze-Museum

Over 85 years of motorcycle history with about 40 restored specimens,

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Automobile Museum at the Commanderie

Original name: 
Musée Automobile de la Commanderie

Vehicles, farming and military equipment from the two world wars.Velocipedes, amphibious vehicles and submarines are also featured.

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Ludwig Elsbett was an engineer and inventor. In the 1970s he devised an engine which ran on vegetable oil. This museum commemorates his life and work.

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Fire Museum Erlauf

Original name: 
Erlauftaler Feuerwehrmuseum

Local fire museum with a few fire engines from the 1940s and 1950s.

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A private motorcycle collection, which also features automobilia, old radios and more.

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Laxenburg Fire Museum

Original name: 
Museum der Freiwilligen Feuerwehr Laxenbug

Local fire museum, which displays a Fiat fire engine.

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Nostalgia on Wheels Museum

Original name: 
Nostalgie auf Rädern Oldtimer Museum

On a space of 1700 sqm around 100 historic automobiles, motorcycles, mopeds, motors of various designs, bicycles, old radios, televisions and all sorts of other equipment from different eras (approx. 1920–1990 ) are being shown.

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Museum of Vehicles, Technology and Aviation Bad Ischl

Original name: 
Museum Fahrzeug Technik Luftfahrt Bad Ischl

The museum holds historic motorbikes, cars, helicopters and even airplanes. This technology museum is the result of a private initiative in the 90ies. It is located on the shores of Traun River. Some 300 exhibits (civil vehicles and devices, agriculture and military airplanes and aircrafts) are presented in a vast hall.

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Volkswagen Beetle Museum Gaal

Original name: 
VW-Käfermuseum Gaal

The VW-bug-museum in Gaal / Styria presents this cult-vehicle in its total multiplicity - with wonderful exhibits of the beginning until the renaissance of the legend.

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