Danish Museum of Science and Technology

Original name: 
Danmarks Tekniske Museum

Today the museum has several large collections, among others, the objects from the large Nordic industrial exhibition that was held in Copenhagen in 1888 and the original collection from Denmark's Technical University. Automotive highlights include the original Hammel car from 1888, an early Delaunay-Belleville and more.

Total votes: 495

Nimbus Motorcycle Museum

Original name: 
Danmarks Nimbus Tourings Motorcykle-Museum

The Danish Nimbus Motorcycle Association rented a small building on the premises of the National Industry Museum, where it hosts an exhibition on the history of Nimbus motorcycles.

Total votes: 578

Bornholms Automobilmuseum

A rather diverse selection of classic cars and motorcycles. It is nice to see a Jaguar E-type rubbing shoulders with a Trabant and a Syrena.

Total votes: 498

Museum St. Veit

This local museum features thematic displays, including one on "Streets" - recreating a typical scene from the early 20th century. There's a replica of the Markus car, the first Benz car, a Daimler car and several 1920s, 1930s motorcycles.

Total votes: 565

Oldtimermuseum Poysdorf

Opened in 2000 by the local classic car club, this museum features cars, motorbikes and tractors. There are a few Puch cars, a 1930s Opel and more.

Total votes: 607

Hausberger Classic Car Museum

Original name: 
Oldtimer Museum Hausberger

The Hausberger family deals with classic cars - mostly Mercedes-Benz. Additional their private collection of Mercedes-Benz cars, ranging from 1930s to the 1970s is shown in this private museum.

Total votes: 576

Fire Museum Gars

Original name: 
Feuerwehrmuseum Gars

Local fire museum with five fire engines

Total votes: 584

Fire Museum Fontainebleau

Original name: 
Musée des Sapeurs-Pompiers de Fontainebleau

Local fire museum with a nice display of fire engines from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s.

Total votes: 584

Military Museum Sonntagberg

Original name: 
Militärmuseum Sonntagberg

This collection offers an overview of the 1st World War, the period between the two wars, a look at the invasion of Austria, the 2nd World War and the post-war period on a space of approximately 1500 sqm.
There are 150 uniforms, 600 weapons, 25 trucks and off-road vehicles, a bicycle and motorcycle collection, ship and aircraft models displayed.

Total votes: 616

Museum of Arts and Industry

Original name: 
Musée des arts et métiers

This is the national technical museum and as such it displays a rather exceptional selection of artifacts, including Cugnot's surviving steam truck - the first self-propelled vehicle in the world.

Total votes: 546


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