Styria Fire Museum Gross-St. Florian

Original name: 
Steirischen Feuerwehrmuseums Groß-St. Florian

A local fire museum which shows a lot of fire engines

Total votes: 586

Puch Museum Judenburg

This museum celebrates one of the best known Austrian automobile and motorcycle brand: Puch. There are cars, motorcycles and more.

Total votes: 563

Lotus Museum

A collection of Lotus cars and memoribilia is being shown at the headquarters of Club Lotus Austria

You voted 2. Total votes: 555

Vienna Technical Museum

Original name: 
Technisches Museum Wien

The dream of unrestricted mobility on land, water and in the air has always been the driving force behind technological inventions and original utopias. On show at the Museum are Austria’s oldest railway, which was still horse-drawn at the time, the breakneck flying machines of aviation’s early pioneers, and the most successful racing car of the post-war period. Climb into our balloon basket and get to grips with your own fear of heights as you experience the theme of mobility from some surprising angles. 800 or so exhibits showcased on 3,000 m² all have exciting stories to tell about the past, present and future of mobility.

Total votes: 580

Motorcycle Museum Neunkirchen

Original name: 
Motorradmuseum Neunkirchen

50 motorcycles and period photos are shown in this private collection

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Motorcycle Museum

Original name: 

Erich Fragner's private motorcycle museum

Total votes: 612

Motorcycle Museum Gisingen

Original name: 
Motorradmuseum Gisingen

Wolgfang Weber's and Elmar Wehinger's private collection of Puch, KTM and other motorcycles.

Total votes: 607

Historical Fire Brigade House St. Florian

Original name: 
Historische Feuerwehrzeughaus St. Florian

The Museum is located in the former Meierhof Farm of the Monastery and showcases the rich history and tradition of the fire department. The place houses historic apparatus, equipment, and artifacts. Museum attractions include horse-drawn vehicles, some 1920´s fire engines, and other equipment from days gone by.
It is a Museum that shows the past, present and future of firefighting, rescue and emergency medical service, combined with an interactive educational experience.

Total votes: 618

Vorarlberg Museum World

Original name: 
Vorarlberger Museumswelt

This is actually a set of museums housed under one roof. There's an emergency medical services museum, a foto museum, an electro-technical museum and a fire police museum - the latter features a few fire engines.

Total votes: 590

Farmers' Technology Museum, Gallhuberhof

Original name: 
Bauern Technik Museum Gallhuberhof

As its name suggests, this museum mostly features tractors and agricultural machines, but a few old cars and motorcycles are also being shown.

Total votes: 613


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